Pics and Details


Suit- John Varvatos

Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie- Tom Ford

Pocket Square- Tom Ford

  • This look is all business. Perfectly tailored navy suit. Shirt, tie, and pocket square in muted tones. Perfect for closing a deal or maybe a job interview.


Suit- Hugo Boss

Shirt- Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Tie- Salvatore Ferragamo

Bandanna- Hav-a-Hank

  • The pinstripe suit is all business. The patterned shirt, cashmere tie, and bandanna worn as a pocket square shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, but you do pay attention to details.



Hat- Magill at JJ Hat Center in NYC

Sweater- Billy Reid

Shirt-Hugo Boss

Jeans- Polo Ralph Lauren

Boots- Mark McNairy New Amsterdam at Tabor in Charlotte

Gloves- Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Jacket- Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply

  • With winter weather comes the need for layering. Some good options and colors for casual wear are above. I wore this to a soccer game today.


Boots- Mark McNairy New Amsterdam from TABOR in Charlotte

Belt- Trafalgar

Antique buckle- gift from friend

  • I got these boots this week, and other than going to the office, have not taken them off.  I’ve worn them with white jeans. Blue jeans.  In fairness, I could have probably worn them to the office with a heavier flannel suit.
  • They are masculine. They are brown, but also burgundy. Just unique enough for me. Every guy needs a good pair for fall and winter.
  • I love crocodile belts. This one is dressier because of the finish. How do you dress it down? Take off the original buckle and add your own. Or wear them with the above boots. Again, just unique enough for me.


Suit-Polo Ralph Lauren

Shirt-Tom Ford


Bandanna- Hav-a-Hank

  • For the cooler weather, a heavy wool or cashmere is perfect. Also, notice the texture of this cashmere. Unbelievably comfortable, and everyone wants to touch you.
  • The bandanna cost $1.99. I had no intention of ever wearing it as a bandanna. Just shove it in the jacket pocket and go. Be creative.


Jacket- Armani

Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie- Salvatore Ferragamo

Pants- from Taylor, Richards, & Conger in Charlotte, NC

  • Notice how the jacket and pants are both tailored perfectly. Pay close attention to the fit. There need not be any excess fabric flopping around.
  • The tie is cashmere and the jacket is double-breasted. Unique details like these can set you apart from the crowd.


Trousers- Burberry London

  • Looking to stand out in a good way, these pants (or something similar) are perfect for fall/winter. Cool design, but not too wild.


Blazer- Paul Smith

Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie- Hugo Boss

Pocket Square- Tom Ford

  • Get a go-to blazer for fall. This is mine. Lots of guys go with a safe blue blazer, but feel free to branch out. This one fits me like a second skin.
  • I was in Hugo Boss in Italy looking for a tie, and this color jumped out at me. The rest of the outfit is so simple, but it pops because of the tie.


Suit- Polo Ralph Lauren

Shirt- Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Tie- Kiton

Shoes- Allen Edmonds

  • Interested in mixing it up a little?  Try a double breasted suit or blazer this fall?  Just make sure the cut is trim and modern like the one above.
  • I invest in ties. The above one is quietly luxurious. Want the best of the best?  Google Kiton.


Hat- Stussy

Shirt- H&M

Shorts- Marshall’s Charlotte

Shoes- Vans

Watch and bracelets- see previous listings

  • Notice how the shorts hit just above the knee, the shirt just below the waist, and the sleeves mid-bicep.
  • Again, take note of the fit. Neither too baggy or too snug. Just right.
  • Don’t be afraid to pop some color into your shoes. I have red, blue, turquoise, green, orange. You get the point.


Suit (similar style)- Burberry

Shirt (similar style)- Hugo Boss

Tie (various styles)- Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes- Allen Edmonds

Bracelet- Lokai 2.0

  • Good posture helps any outfit look 10 times better.
  • Note the shades of dark red, orange, and tan and how they all play together. Good colors for fall, which is just around the corner.
  • Tie hits right at the belt buckle. Perfect tie dimple. Don’t forget the details.


Shirt (similar style) – Tom Ford

Tie (similar style) – Vineyard Vines

Belt – Quail Hollow Club Pro Shop

Pants – J. Crew

Shoes (various styles) – Cole Haan

Watch- Rolex

Various bracelets – see previous listings

  • How many ways does this business casual outfit look different from every other one you see?
  • Loafers with white soles
  • White pants
  • Interesting belt
  • Lots of bracelets
  • Shirt is cut trim so it fits
  • Tie worn kind of off-center
  • Maybe this gives you some ideas??


Saks 5th Avenue hat, Diesel shirt, Canali belt, Saks 5th Avenue seersucker pants- all   at Saks Off 5th (various locations including online)

Shoes- Vans

Bracelet- excess denim fabric from Imogene+Willie in Nashville

  • The above look worked for the PGA Championship and really any summer party.
  • The majority of this outfit was purchased from Saks Off 5th, one of my favorite places to find hidden gems.
  • Last month for seersucker gents. Notice how trim and fitted these are versus how baggy they usually are here in the South.  Take note.


Nike Golf shirt and Izod shorts- Marshall’s (Charlotte Metropolitan location)

Shoes- Vans

Bracelets- Lokai 2.0

  • Marshall’s, especially the one at Blakeney in Charlotte, is one of my favorite places to find cheap, hidden gems. The above shirt and shorts cost $28 total.
  • Pay attention. The above golf shirt is a Small. I am 6’4″. Focus on fit, not just what size you have always worn.
  • Super cool bracelet company. Give the website a look. Good enough for our QB. Good enough for me.


Suit (various styles)- Hugo Boss

Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie and pocket square (similar styles)- Tom Ford

Belt- Trafalgar

Shoes (similar style)- Magnanni

Briefcase- Cole Haan (no longer available)

  • An accessory that adds a little flair to my look is the brown crocodile belt. Check out the actual blog for a better pic.
  • What makes the briefcase unique is that it is actually navy blue, not black. Don’t see a lot of that color.
  • The above outfit means business. I’m not going to any cocktail party wearing this, but I will close a deal.


Hat, bracelet, and cuff- Direct from Cody, Wyoming

  • You may think this only makes sense to wear when you are out West. Not true. I have already received multiple compliments on the hat, and wore the cuff to work today.
  • If you have multiple bracelets, cuffs, etc., feel free to pair them all together for a unique look. I may wear 4 or 5 of them at the same time.    Maybe even on the same wrist as my watch.


Suit- Calvin Klein Collection (at select stores)

Dress shirt (similar style) – Tom Ford

Panthers tie- Vineyard Vines

Socks (similar style)- Polo Ralph Lauren

Shoes (various styles)- Cole Haan

Turquoise bracelet (in black)- King Baby

  • Notice the fit of the clothes. No excess fabric anywhere. All of my clothes are tailored at Myers Park Tailors off of Kings Drive.
  • I like to have fun with my ties. Not goofy, but fun. This tie is still super professional, but when you look closely it is a Carolina Panthers tie. Great conversation starter.
  • Some dress shoes are uncomfortable. These from Cole Haan are not, and the pop of white on the bottom makes them that much more interesting.


Custom Suit by Tom James

Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie (similar style)- Hermes

Pocket Square (similar style)- Tom Ford

Shoes (similar style)- Magnanni

  • If you can afford a custom suit, get one. If not, take your off the rack suits to a good tailor. My suits are like my second skin.
  • Make sure your shirt’s cuffs show a little at the wrist. That contrast of color is very important.
  • Blue suit. White shirt. Blue tie. Brown shoes. Sounds boring, but since the fit is right and the quality is high, it works perfectly. This is my “uniform”.


Denim Jacket- Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

Denim Shirt (various styles)- Levi’s


  • It’s 4th of July week, so I figured we could get a little festive, yet still remain stylish.
  • The above jacket is a collector’s item, so you may have to venture to eBay if you want one. One of my favorite pieces ever. Too much going on for you? A plain jean jacket is great for cool summer nights at the beach.
  • You can wear this denim shirt by itself and roll up the sleeves for a casual look. I might pair it with a knit tie and rock it under a suit one day soon.
  • I bought this bandanna for $4 at Walmart to keep my hair out of my eyes when I run. You can use it as a pocket square, handkerchief, or really anything you want.



Jacket- Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi at Wish ATL

Tank top- Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

Vintage Turquoise ring- gift from friend

Jeans- Polo Ralph Lauren

Shoes- Vans

  • It’s great to have a few statement pieces in your wardrobe, but keep it to one per outfit. This jacket is incredible, but notice everything else is rather plain.
  • Turqouise jewelry was just rated GQ Style’s top trend right now. I’m just saying. This piece was a gift from a good friend of mine.
  • My love for Vans continues as you can see. These plain whites can literally be worn anywhere and with anything.


Shirt- H&M

Jeans- Polo Ralph Lauren

Shoes (similar styles)- Nike

Accessories and watch- same as below

  • The above outfit is about as simple as it gets. Plain polo. Plain jeans. Nike sneakers. Classic.
  • The above polo costs $12.99, fits perfectly, and comes in 11 colors. See where I am going with this. Maybe a trip to H&M in SouthPark or is in order.



Suit (similar styles)- Burberry

Loafers- Gucci

Tie and pocket square- Tom Ford

Shirt and crocodile belt (similar styles)- Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Sunglasses- same as below

  • Everything in the photo this week is super high quality. If you are looking to get some real luxury pieces, any of the four brands above are great places to look.
  • If I had to choose between black, brown, and this tan/orange color for shoes and belt, I would choose the tan/orange all day long. It goes with everything.
  • If you have some money to invest in your wardrobe, start with shoes. You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes, and people notice.



Shirt and Jeans- Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

Shoes- Vans

Sunglasses (various styles)- Emporio Armani

Watch- Rolex

Bead Necklaces- Sid Mashburn

Bracelets- David Yurman and Peyote Bird

  • The above look, in reality, is just jeans and a t-shirt. However, it is made much more interesting because the jeans are torn and discolored, and the t-shirt is a little edgy.
  • Vans are the perfect summer shoe. I just bought 3 pairs in blue, red, and white.
  • Feel free to add a few accessories to your look.  Beads, watch, sunglasses, etc. You can go super high quality like all of these, or pick up cheap ones if you so please.


Suit- Hugo Boss (various styles)

Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie- Isaia (various styles)

Pocket Square- Sid Mashburn (various styles)

  • The above suit has a little pizazz, so everything else should be quiet. Plain white shirt.  Plain tie.  Subtle pocket square.
  • Have a go-to color. Mine is teal/turquoise, the unofficial color of Charlotte (Panthers and Hornets). I try to sneak it in to an outfit any time I can, and it is always a great conversation starter.
  • If you do the whole tie/pocket square thing, please do not match them.  They should play off of each other just like you see above.


Polo shirt- H&M

Pants- J.Crew (similar style)

Shoes- Polo Ralph Lauren

  • Time to get rid of those thick, baggy polo shirts. This one is fitted and light, and perfect for the summer.
  • Up your game with white pants. They look great and will make you stand out in a good way.
  • Clean, simple sneakers are the best. I have these in black low top leather, brown high top suede, and the above brown high top leather.  Make sure you keep them spotless, especially if they are white.