About abk

The blog originally started in 2017 as a fashion blog.  I love clothes as a means of self-expression, so it made sense.  But I quickly learned I had no desire to take pictures of myself wearing God knows what.  So I evolved.  Fashion would just be a tool.  Not the subject.

The blog has since found its home.  It is about 2 things: self-mastery and lifestyle design.  Those are somewhat intense topics, so I use various tools to keep it light.  Clothes, hats, travel, sporting events, golf, and food/drink.  The more unique, the better.  The more interesting, the better.  The more original, the better.

I see too many people (myself at one point included) blindly walking through life pursuing everything except their passions and blaming everyone except themselves.  At some point, I got it.  I freaking got it.  And now almost everything I do revolves around self-mastery and pursuing my life’s work.

That includes this blog.  It has one purpose and one purpose only.  To encourage.  You may not need it the first time you read it, but keep it in your back pocket.  There will come a time, an “aha” moment, and you are always welcome here.

So in the meantime, enjoy the crazy clothes and hats, the ever present travel, golf outings, and sporting events.  Try a new food or drink.  But as you do so, look inward.  It’s where the answer always lies.

Own your life story.

-anything but khakis