Anything is Possible

IMG_4329The world is a wonderfully weird place. I’m starting with the moral of the story this week, and then I’m just going to ramble. Embrace life. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. But stay positive. Work hard. Do your own thing. And have fun.

IMG_4296Okay, where is this coming from? Here goes…my wonderfully weird week in review. Last Saturday at 8am, I went to my first “book club” to discuss real life stuff affecting people (not surface level nonsense) with a cool group of complete strangers. It was awesome. I went to a BBQ later that day where, again, the guests were mostly complete strangers to me. I ended up talking to this guy about my desire to spend some time in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the near future. Turns out, this dude had lived there for years, so of course the conversation got popping. On Sunday, I drove down to Wingate to watch Wingate Soccer start their defense of the National Championship, which didn’t last very long. They lost in a penalty shootout on the last kick. The young man who missed was 19, maybe 20 years old, and was just beside himself. I made myself go walk over to him after the game and tell him it will be okay. I’ve been there. It sucks. Come back stronger. Let it fuel you. Heartbreaking. Monday I went to Monday Night Football versus the Dolphins (Check out the Veteran’s Day Panthers jacket above. $200. Gift idea?).  The city was electric. Cam was on fire. All was well with the world again. Tuesday was relatively normal, minus the fact that my son continued to be on vacation in the Deep South, as he has been for the past 2 weeks. His number one passion in life right now is diggers. You know, like the huge construction earth movers. Well, he got to drive one this week, and his world was so alive. Remember that when everyone just mindlessly heads to Disney World, even a 2 year old’s true passion may lie somewhere else. i.e. operating diggers in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_4331Wednesday, Lebron was in town for Wednesday Night Basketball on ESPN. I wanted to go, but couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. I just had a feeling some tickets might present themselves. They did about 3:30pm. I went. It was awesome. And I got a sweet new Hornets patch to go on my ever-evolving jacket. Thursday, Jay-Z was here, and I was so excited to go. Too bad I got strep throat again for the 4th time in 7 weeks. (I’ve got 99 Problems, and strep throat seems to be all of them.) So the week was over for me, and it is now time to plan for surgery on my throat over the next few weeks. I can only laugh. Life is funny.
Last Saturday, I also took a couple of hours to do a little shopping down at the Outlet Mall here in Charlotte. Every few months, I just head down to the Saks Off Fifth there to see what’s up. Sometimes it is complete junk. Sometimes I can find an amazing treasure. This trip, I hit the bullseye. I found a John Varvatos suit from his high end line. Made in Italy. Navy pinstripe. Just gorgeous. I could tell it was different as soon as I saw it. Retails for $2,000. I got it for $200. What a bargain. I had to remind myself that it would need tailoring, so tack on another $100+ to make it fit perfectly. But still. So I took it along with some other stuff (my crazy Christmas pants) to my go-to Myers Park Tailors, and the bill came out to $168. But then I thought, wait, I need to call my friends at Jilson’s Consignment Store in Myers Park first. See, when I get tired of my nicer clothes, shoes, etc., I consign them. That gives someone the opportunity to get some pretty awesome gear at cheaper prices, and I make a few bucks. So I ran by Jilson’s (great place), and they owed me $166. Isn’t that nuts? Tailor bill was paid for by consignment money almost to the dollar. It was meant to be. What a funny world. (I’ll show you the suit next week when I get it back.)
I launched this blog 6 months ago this past Friday. As I think about everything I have done in that time, it’s pretty freaking cool. I’ve met new friends, made new relationships with numerous people in the Charlotte clothing/fashion/style industry, taken lots of trips, accomplished much, with a fair share of sickness and pain in between.

I repeat, the world is a wonderfully weird place. You never know what is around the next corner. Embrace it. Be positive. Work hard. Do you. And of course, try to be a little more stylish.

Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving.-Benj

Participation Trophies and School Uniforms

IMG_4275Who is the most stylish person you know? You got the name? Okay, perfect. Now, WHAT makes them the most stylish person you know? Think about it. Leave it in the comments on the blog. Email me. Put it on my Facebook or Instagram. I’ll tell you my ideas momentarily, but I’m curious about yours. I love people with good style, so let’s explore what gets you there.

IMG_4266For me, it is someone who always makes an effort, but doesn’t try too hard. It’s someone who has vision. Something unique about them. Maybe you can’t explain it, but you know it is there. Someone who has extraordinary knowledge in their particular field or career. Someone who is interesting to talk to. Can carry on a well balanced conversation. Someone who is well traveled and exudes positive energy. Makes his or her own decisions. Doesn’t follow trends or care what anyone thinks of him or her. What’s not stylish? Laziness. Conformity. Ignorance. Negativity, to name a few.

If I die tomorrow, I want my tombstone to read “He marched to the beat of his own drum.” That would be the ultimate compliment for me. Sounds selfish, but I have the vision to know that when everyone is 80 years old and saying “I wish I had done it this way, I wish I had done it that way”, I’ll be at peace knowing that I bebopped along my own path. I do listen to every word people say to me, and I read voraciously. I take it all in. But then I make my own decisions based on my unique thoughts, oftentimes zigging when everyone else would zag. The most stylish people I know do blaze their own trail. Sometimes you get it wrong. I certainly have. But stylish people are resilient. I’ve been kicked in the mouth a few times in my life, and I’ve chosen to kick back (sometimes literally).  Soccer joke. Not funny? Fine.

All of these ideas lead into what I think is the most stylish trait of all: confidence. In yourself. In what you are doing. In what you want out of life. You know something else that builds confidence? Dressing well. Seriously. If you can combine some of the above intangible items with the way you present yourself outwardly, you’re going to have a dynamic recipe.

IMG_4220When I was in NYC last week, I finally made it to the legendary JJ Hat Center on Fifth Avenue. Been around for 106 years I believe. I’m totally into proper hats, so much so that I want to learn how to make them. Anyways, I had done some research before going in and found a hat that I loved. So I walked in and was greeted by the superstar Jose, one of the best in the biz. I showed him what I liked. He told me it was a woman’s hat. I thought to myself, I don’t care if it is a gorilla’s hat, I still like the style. He understood, and started educating me on different options. I finally found this beautiful brown fedora made out of long rabbit hair. It was perfect, and when worn with a thick beard and my new pair of brown boots, would look badass this winter. The model had a feather in it, so of course I inquired. Jose opened a cigar box and said take as many feathers as you would like. I picked three colorful ones, and he said sit tight. He went to the back and found one more, stuck it in the hat, and said “Now you are set.” He told me how to care for it. He looked me in the eyes. He called me Mr. Bostic, and shook my hand firmly. He was impeccably dressed. His clothes fit. Had a huge beard. Unique as can be. Knew his trade inside and out. The epitome of style. I was smitten.

IMG_4231In today’s world of participation trophies and school uniforms, we could all use a little more style. As you can see, it comes both from the inside and the outside. Intangible traits plus clothing, hats, and accessories. Pay a little more attention to both. It’s not a contest. It’s not a race. It’s not who can be the coolest. But if being a little more stylish is a goal of yours, reflect on the above. As I always say, it’s more about attitude, confidence, swagger, and self belief than the actual clothes. But the clothes are the exclamation point that can outwardly say “I’m here, I pay attention, and I’m about to go grab life.”

IMG_4257Have a great week.-Benj

The Greatest Race in the Greatest Place


Let’s dive right in. I woke up at 2:55am Sunday morning, about the time maybe some of you were coming home Saturday night. I took the bus at 5:20am from 42nd and 5th and arrived in Staten Island at 5:50am. It was chilly, but something special was in the air. I lay around for the next 3 hours just taking it all in until it was time to head to my corral and take off. 10:15am start on the bridge. Straight up hill. The mixture of 50 Cent and “God Bless America” at the wait zone had me hyped. I was ready. It was time to man up. The 2 miles on the bridge were a breeze, and then we entered Brooklyn. Brooklyn was exhilarating. I was cruising. High fiving kids. People yelling my name. I gave a hug to my childhood friend Bess about mile 3. It was all good, but I tempered that thought. I knew it would get tough soon. Fast forward to mile 11, my calves and shins started screaming. Not cramping. Just letting me know they were there. I powered through. It was getting tough. Mile marker 13.1. Half marathon complete. Pace was 8:59/mile. Dead on. 4 hour marathon. And then my right hip went. Just gone. Mile 14 on the Queensboro Bridge, I felt like I had just been shot. Seriously. So I walked. And gathered my thoughts. 13 miles to go and a major joint was not functioning. I got to the top of the bridge and just started jogging. Mile 15 done. My friend Mary was at mile 16. We hugged and took a pic. She posted it on Facebook and said “Ben is doing great!” Little did she know, I wanted to cry. Mile 17 was where my wife Christy and son Banks would be. Christy offered her encouragement, and Banks was screaming and carrying on “Just run daddy, just run!” I teared up. We took a pic, and I immediately knew this would be the longest 9 miles of my life. My right leg was done. Bone on bone at the hip. If you downloaded the NYC Marathon app, go look at the pictures of me. Scroll down to the one where I am walking, holding my right hip, with my left hand over my mouth. That’s my favorite. I was devising a plan for the last 8 or 9 miles. I quickly learned that my body had about 1-2 minutes of pain tolerance at a time. I could walk a few blocks, then sprint a few blocks, then walk, then sprint, and so forth. Unorthodox, but my joints couldn’t handle the consistent pounding any more. I wasn’t quitting. I wasn’t stopping. I wasn’t walking the whole way. No chance. There was a guardian angel that greeted us as we entered the Bronx, and another as we left. They gave us some tough NYC love, and reminded us we were so close. Mile 20, I felt like I was running with no shoes on. Mile 23, I saw a sign that read “When you can’t run with your legs, run with your heart.” So I did. Mile 24, I was ready to quit. I had nothing left. Nothing. I knew Christy and Banks would be at mile 25, and I couldn’t let myself walk in front of my son. Not the right message. So I kept running. I was in Central Park. The crowd was raucous. I could see the end. I could hear the end. But I was still a mile away. A random stranger patted me on the butt and said “You can do it!” I wanted to kill her and marry her simultaneously. I felt nothing but pain. I had told myself leading up to the race that I was running the last mile for myself. No one else. This one was on me. If I wimp out, it’s on me. So I just kept going. And then I finished. And that was that.
I’m not a cliché guy, but this truly was about the journey. 2 journeys actually. The one from May to November, and then the one from mile 14 to mile 26.2. I gave up happy hours. I gave up food with taste. I gave up time with family and friends. I hurt constantly and am sick again. I battled for 5 months so I was ready for the ultimate test Sunday. I thought about my entire life on mile 14 Sunday as I walked. Where I’ve been and where I’m going. I had 12 miles to run with one good hip, and I knew it would be the hardest physical and mental test I had ever endured. I was right. But I did it. My finish time was 4 hours, 32 minutes, and 12 seconds. I don’t know anything about running, but according to the statistics, that makes me an average marathoner. No such thing, my friends. You’re either a marathoner or you are not. A warrior or you are not.

IMG_4250The thing about enduring struggle is that it gives you confidence. Patience. Self esteem. Self worth. Most of all, perspective. From the blind runner who passed me at mile 18. Or the 70 year old lady I ran with at mile 8. Or the guy with one leg at mile 6. Or the vet in a wheelchair at mile 4. Puts things into focus. It makes you stronger. It makes you want more. It makes you want to encourage others to go live life to the fullest. I hope I was able to inspire a few people along this journey. That was my goal. Be positive. Work hard. Grab life. On a normal cold, rainy Sunday morning in November, the arthritis would’ve usually kept me in bed for a while. Sore. Stiff. So on. Last Sunday? Hell nah. I had something to conquer. And I did. And now I’m going to do something else. Join me.
Have a great week.-Benj

It’s Time to Man Up

Friends, I desperately need your help this week. Nothing too wild and crazy…just need you to send some good vibes my way, and let me tell you why. I have quietly been very sick for the past 6 weeks. I have had needles in my hip, needles in my arm, and have consumed every antibiotic ever invented for all but 4 days of that time, fighting strep throat and who knows what else. (Maybe I should have been raising money for that instead of the Arthritis Foundation.) Why is this so important other than the obvious? Because I have a personal goal to run 26.2 miles next Sunday in under 4 hours in the greatest city in the world. No biggie, except that I don’t think I have been able to run 26.2 miles TOTAL the entire past month. So, I need your good vibes and your positive thoughts. Thanks in advance.

IMG_4112Every week I sit here and love to offer unsolicited advice, positive feelings, and encouragement about living a passionate and stylish life with the hope that you will hear a different perspective…a perspective you might like, or even love…and then get super-jazzed about living each day. And I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this yet, but I never really tell you how to do it. You have to figure it out yourself (thanks Dad for that quality). I’m never going to write a self-help book or a step-by-step guide to living life. I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m all about attitude, swagger, self-belief and will. If there is something I want in life, I go and get it. I can’t tell you how, just that I will make sure it happens. I used to score goals that way. Get deals done at the office. And I’m about to go do that this week in NYC. How? I have no freaking clue. Actually, scratch that, I do know how. I believe in myself. I believe in the incredible energy of NYC. I believe in the unwavering support (monetary, written, and verbal) of family and friends over the past 6 months. And last, but certainly not least, I’m just going to make it happen.  I have to.

IMG_4110I’m nervous. Scared even. I’ve shed a few tears this past week as I’ve been unable to get off of the couch and do anything about it. I’ve got people worried about me. It’s okay. I’m fine. This is actually one of the things that I knew could happen on this journey. I was aware I could get sick. I knew injury was a possibility. Fatigue. Swelling. So on. That’s why I did this. I write every week that anything is possible if you go grab life, and sometimes I have to remind myself personally that this is true and that I am not feeding people a line of BS. I’m predicting a miracle next Sunday. I have no idea what that means…but I feel it, and I play life by feel. From everything I’ve read, finishing the NYC Marathon is a definite Top 5 moment in life. To do it under these circumstances, man. Next week you may read that I didn’t finish, and you know what, I’ll be crushed. But I’ll man up and promptly convey all of the wonderful things that I learned along the journey that took me from Charlotte to Nashville to Salt Lake City to New York City. But if I finish and finish strong, join with me in celebration. Not that some guy named Benj ran a long way under tough circumstances. Nah, screw that. Let’s celebrate that indeed anything is possible, and it’s time to start living life that way!

IMG_4129I’m bib # 19659 and I start at 10:15am EST next Sunday, November 5 in Staten Island. My goal is to be finishing in Central Park by 2:15pm. It’s on ESPN, and you can track my every move online via the NYC Marathon app, so take a peek. Send me a note this week if you wish. I promise I’ll get you back if you ever need it. And to those who will be there in person, thanks in advance. I’m gonna need you.

So, challenge yourself.  Test yourself.  Get out of your comfort zone.  I have not been comfortable for the past 6 months, and it has been ridiculously fulfilling.  1 more week to go.  I’ll be ready.

Have a great week. -Benj

(Not the) Greatest Of All Time

IMG_3980I found out this week that I am a goat. And not just any kind of goat, but a blue goat. I am not talking like Michael Jordan and the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T). I’m talking actual goat.

IMG_4063I had lunch with my friend Court Creeden this week, who published his new book Blue Goat last week. The book talks about being yourself and the life changing power of breaking away from the masses and living the life you, not anyone else, wants to live. Genius. Amazon. $11.99. Take a peek. So here is what it says about being a blue goat i.e. not being another sheep in the herd. “Goats are naturally curious. They are known to love exploring…They don’t allow their surroundings to dictate their life. They are extremely inquisitive about the world around them…they are okay being around other goats…”

IMG_4064Is anyone curious anymore? About anything and/or everything? And if so, why do so few people act on that curiosity? Let me let you in to my head (and my Google search engine) from this past week. Here goes: What are the logistics of moving to Italy? How many patches (trips) until I completely cover the back of my denim jacket? Which Knicks game should I go to at Madison Square Garden in 2 weeks? Would DL Hughley, my favorite comedian who is in Charlotte next week, have any interest in having lunch with me? Where is next year’s boys golf trip going to be? And how many times would it take on the mountain before I learn how to actually ski? Okay, that’s only scratching the surface, but that gets the point across. The world is as big as you make it, and mine is wide open. Other than the first question above, I’m definitely pursuing the others within the next few weeks and months. I don’t bother myself with petty stuff or stuff I have no interest in. It’s a massive time and energy sap, and there is too much stuff out there that I actually do have interest in. I love adventure and new things and good challenges. And my list is long. Like, really long.

I had dinner with my mom and dad last Wednesday and told them I was planning a cross country road trip next year. They were hyped. I told them I was debating whether to do the Oregon Trail from Oregon to Cape Cod, or the Loneliest Road from San Francisco to the Chesapeake Bay. And seeing how many friends I could stop in and have a meal with along the way. That is how my mind works. Oh, I believe the question that prompted this conversation was “Benj, how was your day?” I could’ve said “fine” or “traffic sucked” or “Trump is an idiot”, but that is an energy drain. Can you feel it? The other response was lively, interesting, and what was actually on my mind. Make your world a little bigger.

IMG_4049As Court and I had lunch, the topic of style did come up briefly. As you can see, he and I are both wearing suits. But I want to make it very clear, we both like to wear suits. It’s not mandatory. It’s sharp. It’s comfortable for me. And it stands out in a sea of everything else. Let me tell you what I wore last week Monday to Friday. Monday, an olive cashmere suit with a purple bandanna as a pocket square. Tuesday, a grey turtleneck sweater. Wednesday, a blue plaid suit. Thursday, a grey cashmere sweater. Friday, a little bit of everything, including a Charlotte Hornets lapel pin (great win by the way!). It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to have your own style. I wore the olive cashmere suit you see in the picture to a client’s office on Monday. Closed an almost $5 million loan. They loved it. Because I was being me, and that’s what people get drawn to. Be yourself, but be the best version of yourself. The most stylish. The most professional. So on. People will either like you or they won’t, but at least they are getting you, not fake you. If they don’t like the real you, sigh, and move on. But if they do…man…hold on! That’s what life is all about.

IMG_4033This week, think about who you are and what you want to do with your life. It can be simple things like deciding which Knicks game to go to or more complex like moving to another continent. But it can also be thinking about how you present yourself and the real relationships that you want to build with people in this world. It’s your life. Be thoughtful about it and then go enjoy!

Have a great week.-Benj

Peppa Pig, Bridges BBQ, and New Tattoos


I spent a long weekend this past week at Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, and Asheville, NC. It was a great adventure that included hiking above Chimney Rock to Devil’s Head, sneaking up to The Biltmore Estate with my wife Christy late Friday night after a great wedding at The Inn on Biltmore, and doing a tough training run along Lake Lure. I spent my four undergraduate years in the mountains of NC and had never done any of that. Can you believe that? Ya’ll know I love new stuff, so even though this was almost in my own backyard, it was right up my alley.

IMG_4013But that’s not what I want to talk about this week. I want to focus on my Sunday through Thursday instead. The world is filled with people that forget to live life during the week, instead focusing only on Friday and Saturday night for excitement. Ya’ll also know that I’m a numbers guy, and it just makes no sense to me to have seven days in a week, and only really “live” for two. Two out of seven…that’s only 29%, and not enough. I know I’ve mentioned this before.

IMG_3927So last Sunday, I spent the day watching the Panthers beat the Lions, designing tattoos with my friends at Paris Tattoos in Charlotte, and writing. Monday evening, I took my son Banks to visit my parents while I did a Dress for Success event at Wingate University. On Tuesday, I dropped by and chatted with my new friends at Taylor, Richards, & Conger in Phillips Place, picking up some new clothes and talking all things style. Wednesday, I took Banks to Peppa Pig Live at Belk Theater, essentially blowing his little freaking mind in the process. And Thursday, I headed to Lake Lure with my family, stopping at the legendary Bridges BBQ in Shelby before watching the Panthers Thursday Night Football game at a cabin in the woods. (We lost. I know. Not the point.)

IMG_3926So what is the point? Everyone has things they enjoy that are unique to them. The things I describe above are some of mine. I love the Panthers. I love art and tattoos and creativity and design. I like teaching young people things that might leave a lasting impression on them and improve not only their chances of getting a first job, but also enhance their view of life. I like talking clothes and all things style. It’s a key driver in my life. I love my family, and I adore my son, and to watch him be so happy just filled my heart. Oh, and I love BBQ. Obviously.

IMG_3973You have to figure out what your individual passions are, acknowledge them, and make time for them. My Sunday through Thursday was as jam packed and exciting as my long weekend, and that is how I like it. Some of my best weeks see me spending Saturday just relaxing, which means my entire week has been very fulfilling. And that’s what I call living life.

I try to do at least one thing every day that I am passionate about. Sometimes more. You get one life. It’s yours. So explore your interests. Often. Not just on Saturday night. Catch a weekday Hornets game if you are in Charlotte. The regular season starts this week. Grab a fun dinner at some place different than usual. You get the point. This coming week, I’ve got a long run planned for Monday. A Happy Hour Tuesday. Wingate Soccer Wednesday. Father/son night Thursday. No days off.

Have a great week.-Benj


(Make sure to catch the Pics and Details page on for all things style.)

That’s What Friends Are For

One of the most important skills I have developed over the past few years is the ability to say I don’t know. I tend to focus my energy on my strengths and then surround myself with people who do know the answers to these other things. It works well. You should try it. And it served me particularly well a couple of weeks ago when I had to call up my good friend Junior. See, I really enjoy writing this blog every week. I enjoy conveying the way I see the world along with style tips for both beginners and advanced people alike. I hope it’s entertaining to you all, but I also hope you get a tidbit or two each week that actually helps enhance your life. The rest of the stuff (the picture taking, the social media, the marketing, etc.), not only do I hate it, I also have no freaking clue what I am doing. So 4.5 months in, I called Junior and told him I had no idea what I was doing, and that I needed his help. A lot of folks are afraid to ask for help, but I know what I am good at, and I know where I need help. Writing the blog=good. Marketing it=terrible. So I needed help, and Junior was the man for the job.
Junior is a good friend. Some of you know him. Some of you do not. He is an excellent soccer player. A soon-to-be marketing genius. He has 3 college degrees. Is 5 years younger than me. And a sounding board that is wise beyond his years. So we had lunch, and I laid it out there for him. He was basically my blog shrink. We talked through details which I won’t bore you with, but you will likely see as the blog continues to evolve. But the most important thing that he said to me that day was “Benj, you are not a fashion blogger.” And I looked him in the eye and said, “Nor do I want to be”. We laughed, and basically agreed that my actual website and blog was what I wanted it to be, but my marketing of it to people that are not familiar with who I am was extremely weak. I was using the wrong hashtags. Saying I was something that I wasn’t nor had any desire to be. So the people who were reading my blog were getting one experience, but people who were just looking at my social media were getting something completely different.

He texted me a couple of days later with a laundry list of ideas and some necessary changes. I told him I needed to put him on the payroll. So as I am always saying, if changes are needed, actually make them. I hope you are already seeing and enjoying some of them. It wasn’t that my previous version was wrong, it just wasn’t right. And it will likely be tweaked again down the road as my thoughts continue to evolve. But for now, I’m going to continue to give you insights into my life experience that hopefully will help yours, and style advice. Nothing more. Nothing less.


So it turns out that my pal Junior is quite stylish himself. So I thought this week I’d let someone else weigh in and give some tips from a different point of view. Interestingly enough, his two points should be a familiar concept by now. One, make sure your clothes fit correctly. That should be easy enough, right? Still lots of work to be done there. And second, make sure your style is authentically you. He has his style. I have my style. You find yours. He’s got the business casual mastered (see picture above).  I rarely ever do business casual. Different strokes for different folks. Be you, put some thought into it, and make sure the items fit.
A few style points from me this week also. Accessories, i.e. the extra details, are so important. In Junior’s picture above, you see the bracelets, the watch, and the pocket square. In my picture immediately above, you literally see some of my favorite items. A limited edition Gucci scarf/pocket square from Florence, Italy. A classic black Tom Ford tie you can wear anywhere. Hand painted dalmatian cufflinks from Brooks Brothers. Leather/cashmere gloves and an alligator belt, both from Ralph Lauren Purple Label. I wear a Rolex every day that is engraved with my son’s initials and his birth year. And finally, an engraved silver pen that I use for everything that I have had for 18 years. Seriously. This is grown up stuff. I spend money on the details for a variety of reasons. With the engraving, it’s personal. With some of the fabrics, it’s the best quality in the world. And for all of it, people know that I pay attention to everything.

A few things to take out of this week’s post. First, it is ridiculously important to have a good sounding board in life. Vital. Second, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” and then find the experts who do know. In my twenties, I knew everything. In my thirties, I know surprisingly little. Sound backwards? Not at all. Third, you can start paying attention to the details today. These items will be an investment in your personal style. Those above will literally be with me until they fall apart, and in some cases, that may be after I’m dead. Quality. And last, continue to think about and develop your unique style, and focus on properly fitting clothes. Isn’t it amazing how many times that theme keeps coming up?

Thanks Junior for your help, and everyone have a great week.-Benj

(Please note my new Instagram is @anythingbutkhakis.)