Peppa Pig, Bridges BBQ, and New Tattoos


I spent a long weekend this past week at Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, and Asheville, NC. It was a great adventure that included hiking above Chimney Rock to Devil’s Head, sneaking up to The Biltmore Estate with my wife Christy late Friday night after a great wedding at The Inn on Biltmore, and doing a tough training run along Lake Lure. I spent my four undergraduate years in the mountains of NC and had never done any of that. Can you believe that? Ya’ll know I love new stuff, so even though this was almost in my own backyard, it was right up my alley.

IMG_4013But that’s not what I want to talk about this week. I want to focus on my Sunday through Thursday instead. The world is filled with people that forget to live life during the week, instead focusing only on Friday and Saturday night for excitement. Ya’ll also know that I’m a numbers guy, and it just makes no sense to me to have seven days in a week, and only really “live” for two. Two out of seven…that’s only 29%, and not enough. I know I’ve mentioned this before.

IMG_3927So last Sunday, I spent the day watching the Panthers beat the Lions, designing tattoos with my friends at Paris Tattoos in Charlotte, and writing. Monday evening, I took my son Banks to visit my parents while I did a Dress for Success event at Wingate University. On Tuesday, I dropped by and chatted with my new friends at Taylor, Richards, & Conger in Phillips Place, picking up some new clothes and talking all things style. Wednesday, I took Banks to Peppa Pig Live at Belk Theater, essentially blowing his little freaking mind in the process. And Thursday, I headed to Lake Lure with my family, stopping at the legendary Bridges BBQ in Shelby before watching the Panthers Thursday Night Football game at a cabin in the woods. (We lost. I know. Not the point.)

IMG_3926So what is the point? Everyone has things they enjoy that are unique to them. The things I describe above are some of mine. I love the Panthers. I love art and tattoos and creativity and design. I like teaching young people things that might leave a lasting impression on them and improve not only their chances of getting a first job, but also enhance their view of life. I like talking clothes and all things style. It’s a key driver in my life. I love my family, and I adore my son, and to watch him be so happy just filled my heart. Oh, and I love BBQ. Obviously.

IMG_3973You have to figure out what your individual passions are, acknowledge them, and make time for them. My Sunday through Thursday was as jam packed and exciting as my long weekend, and that is how I like it. Some of my best weeks see me spending Saturday just relaxing, which means my entire week has been very fulfilling. And that’s what I call living life.

I try to do at least one thing every day that I am passionate about. Sometimes more. You get one life. It’s yours. So explore your interests. Often. Not just on Saturday night. Catch a weekday Hornets game if you are in Charlotte. The regular season starts this week. Grab a fun dinner at some place different than usual. You get the point. This coming week, I’ve got a long run planned for Monday. A Happy Hour Tuesday. Wingate Soccer Wednesday. Father/son night Thursday. No days off.

Have a great week.-Benj


(Make sure to catch the Pics and Details page on for all things style.)

4 thoughts on “Peppa Pig, Bridges BBQ, and New Tattoos

  1. Benj, Sounds like you’ve got life figured out, my friend. Keep doing what you’re doing! And thanks for the TRC shoutout! Hope to see you soon….

    Richard Pattison Taylor Richards & Conger 704.366.9092



  2. What a great blog! I totally agree that living just 2 days out of the week makes no sense. That is the most logical, yet analytical thing that I’ve heard all year and makes so much sense!! Let everyday be the weekend..Life has to really amazing if we could really enjoy ALL 365 to the fullest. The year is almost over and it gives a new perspective on enjoying life. Thanks Benj!!!!


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