Anything is Possible

IMG_4329The world is a wonderfully weird place. I’m starting with the moral of the story this week, and then I’m just going to ramble. Embrace life. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. But stay positive. Work hard. Do your own thing. And have fun.

IMG_4296Okay, where is this coming from? Here goes…my wonderfully weird week in review. Last Saturday at 8am, I went to my first “book club” to discuss real life stuff affecting people (not surface level nonsense) with a cool group of complete strangers. It was awesome. I went to a BBQ later that day where, again, the guests were mostly complete strangers to me. I ended up talking to this guy about my desire to spend some time in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the near future. Turns out, this dude had lived there for years, so of course the conversation got popping. On Sunday, I drove down to Wingate to watch Wingate Soccer start their defense of the National Championship, which didn’t last very long. They lost in a penalty shootout on the last kick. The young man who missed was 19, maybe 20 years old, and was just beside himself. I made myself go walk over to him after the game and tell him it will be okay. I’ve been there. It sucks. Come back stronger. Let it fuel you. Heartbreaking. Monday I went to Monday Night Football versus the Dolphins (Check out the Veteran’s Day Panthers jacket above. $200. Gift idea?).  The city was electric. Cam was on fire. All was well with the world again. Tuesday was relatively normal, minus the fact that my son continued to be on vacation in the Deep South, as he has been for the past 2 weeks. His number one passion in life right now is diggers. You know, like the huge construction earth movers. Well, he got to drive one this week, and his world was so alive. Remember that when everyone just mindlessly heads to Disney World, even a 2 year old’s true passion may lie somewhere else. i.e. operating diggers in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_4331Wednesday, Lebron was in town for Wednesday Night Basketball on ESPN. I wanted to go, but couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. I just had a feeling some tickets might present themselves. They did about 3:30pm. I went. It was awesome. And I got a sweet new Hornets patch to go on my ever-evolving jacket. Thursday, Jay-Z was here, and I was so excited to go. Too bad I got strep throat again for the 4th time in 7 weeks. (I’ve got 99 Problems, and strep throat seems to be all of them.) So the week was over for me, and it is now time to plan for surgery on my throat over the next few weeks. I can only laugh. Life is funny.
Last Saturday, I also took a couple of hours to do a little shopping down at the Outlet Mall here in Charlotte. Every few months, I just head down to the Saks Off Fifth there to see what’s up. Sometimes it is complete junk. Sometimes I can find an amazing treasure. This trip, I hit the bullseye. I found a John Varvatos suit from his high end line. Made in Italy. Navy pinstripe. Just gorgeous. I could tell it was different as soon as I saw it. Retails for $2,000. I got it for $200. What a bargain. I had to remind myself that it would need tailoring, so tack on another $100+ to make it fit perfectly. But still. So I took it along with some other stuff (my crazy Christmas pants) to my go-to Myers Park Tailors, and the bill came out to $168. But then I thought, wait, I need to call my friends at Jilson’s Consignment Store in Myers Park first. See, when I get tired of my nicer clothes, shoes, etc., I consign them. That gives someone the opportunity to get some pretty awesome gear at cheaper prices, and I make a few bucks. So I ran by Jilson’s (great place), and they owed me $166. Isn’t that nuts? Tailor bill was paid for by consignment money almost to the dollar. It was meant to be. What a funny world. (I’ll show you the suit next week when I get it back.)
I launched this blog 6 months ago this past Friday. As I think about everything I have done in that time, it’s pretty freaking cool. I’ve met new friends, made new relationships with numerous people in the Charlotte clothing/fashion/style industry, taken lots of trips, accomplished much, with a fair share of sickness and pain in between.

I repeat, the world is a wonderfully weird place. You never know what is around the next corner. Embrace it. Be positive. Work hard. Do you. And of course, try to be a little more stylish.

Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving.-Benj

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