abk: 3rd Quarter Report

8098D5AA-E142-49D3-96B9-DD3ADAD1B9A6It’s been 9 months. I finally have my voice. Took a lot of tinkering. A lot of trial and error. A lot of gut checks and self-reflection. A lot of help from others. But I’ve got it now, and it is here to stay. My promise to you is that my blog will never be nonsense. It won’t be theories and complaints. It will be something I’ve actually experienced. My hope is that every week it will be fresh, and something that you haven’t seen or heard before. And my ultimate goal is that it gives you the courage to explore yourself, make the appropriate adjustments, and live an absolutely amazing life.

22634FA8-28A9-43BB-B6B9-ABBB9FB349F7I’ve always been a bit of a free thinker, but this past 9 months I have almost totally left the mainstream. It was super boring, and ridiculously unfulfilling. I told myself, “this sucks, and I can’t imagine living my next 65 years this way”. So I changed it. I questioned everything I had ever seen or heard, no matter the source. I asked myself is this relevant, logical, or applicable to life in 2018. Well over 50% of what I knew wasn’t any more. So I changed it. It looks weird, I know. Hell, it sometimes feels weird. I get tons of resistance, and even more questions. But you know what, I am alive. Like, crazy alive.

9450FD43-AD25-4A3C-A818-B535E63C41BAYou have seen all of the trips, challenges, games, etc. I have been to, but this 9 months has really been about the immense amount of self-reflective work I have done. I held up the mirror. If I didn’t like what I saw, I changed it. If I wanted to know more, I explored it. I wanted to know different options of living life, and I found out that truly anything is possible. But it’s not enough to say that. You have to do it. Live it. So I do. And I take a ridiculous amount of pictures so that I can show you. It’s not a front. I’m living it daily. I’m observing and experiencing and changing and growing. But most importantly, I’m doing. Too much talk going on out there. 95% of it is bullshit, riff raff, and nonsense. Not enough action. If only every time I saw or heard the phrase “What I would do…”, the person actually did it. Novel idea.

837977B8-D612-45AC-B431-84B28A1C930BMy weekly blog is something I passionately believe the world needs to hear. I witness firsthand too many people that are living their lives for something or someone else: their employer, their parents, their spouse, the country club, the proverbial Joneses. Stop it. Get yourself right. Get your juices flowing. And you will feel differently. I’ve made about a 75% transformation. Funny thing, I simply transformed into the real me.

972DBB08-394E-4AD7-9FC0-A38DEDF21E95I occasionally get asked what I want out of life. You ready? EVERYTHING. I want to feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I want to be the President of the United States, climb Mt. Everest, visit all 50 states (getting close), all 7 continents. Should I keep going? I am gonna work and grind and try and live. Just live. And I am going to take every experience that I have (good, bad, or ugly) to try and help as many people as I can, which is my biggest and proudest transformation of all!

5223DA5E-79B3-4283-B66D-E62AEA9EB71EYou’ll still see my crazy hats, pink boots, and eclectic clothes. It’s just not the focus. Life is so much more.

Have a great week.-Benj

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2 thoughts on “abk: 3rd Quarter Report

  1. It’s good to know your purpose stated so clearly. You definitely are growing into where you want to go and help others. I am happy for you. You are a good writer.


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