Take Care of Yourself

Oftentimes, I am in Charlotte writing about some place that I have recently been. This week, I am in Texas writing about a cool experience I had last week in Charlotte.

BE8AC6DC-6A9F-4DE9-98DE-A12A0BA6AF15I love clothes because of how they make me feel. It’s like anything else. You remember how that person made you feel. You remember how that game made you feel. You remember how that experience made you feel. And so on. And clothes are no different, except you are typically just wearing them when you experience one of the above.

When I wear my best tailored suit, I feel extremely confident. When I wear one of my whimsical ties, I feel like I can joke all day. When I wear one of my hats, I feel like there is a new sheriff in town. And when I wear something that doesn’t fit or isn’t me, I feel like I should climb back into bed and try again.

5A19E6EF-BBAD-4229-9357-D50FE60A182EI introduced my friend Junior to the world of made to measure this past weekend. He’s getting married in a couple of months, and he wants to look and feel like a million bucks. I sent him to the uber-cool Sid Mashburn in Atlanta two weeks ago, and last Saturday we spent the afternoon at the fantastic Taylor, Richards, and Conger in Charlotte.

53F47801-8DC1-43BB-8CE0-9A0B2D9635BCYou want to treat yourself? These are the types of places. Even though I was just there to assist, I couldn’t help myself, and I got 2 ties and a plaid suit at their end of season sale.  We tried on $10,000 blazers just for fun. We looked high. We looked low. And eventually, we ended up in the magic room. You know, the magic made to measure room. All we were missing was a glass of scotch and cigars.

E900AA67-059B-4799-BD70-6B32E1BCDEBADid you know that you can make a suit or shirt exactly to your individual specifications? Not just your exact size. Your exact everything. Pick your fabric. Your color. The inner lining color or design. The types of buttons. Pockets. Belt loops. The cuffs and collar on your shirt. Literally everything. Match it to your personality. Is this necessary? No. Absolutely not. But most of the wonderful things in life are not necessary. Is this expensive? Can be. I have a few of these pieces, and the way they make you feel when you are conducting business, having dinner, or getting married is unreal. You feel like you. The best version of you. It’s an investment in yourself. Not in how you look. Go deeper. In how you feel. In how you value yourself.

When people have a special occasion, they get dressed up. Special occasion. Special version of themselves. I’d make the argument that every day can and should be a special occasion. I get it. If you are working in the garage, you don’t need a custom suit. But just make sure you are taking care of yourself. One of the ways you can do so is how you present yourself. Not for surface reasons. But because of how it makes you feel.

The kicker is they are just clothes, and no matter how nice, you have to remember that. Let your kids hug your neck. Let your dogs rumble about. I picked up my son last week at daycare wearing a beautiful navy suit, and his good friend greeted me with a big “chalk-covered hands” hug. Who cares? But in fairness, if you happen to be wearing a $10,000 blazer, maybe take it off first?

Have a great week.-Benj

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