Why is Everyone so Busy?

One of the conversations I overhear most is this. “What’s up?”  “Nothing. Just busy.”  A close second is this. “You playing any golf?”  “Nah. Too busy.”  

Now why might someone be so busy? Job, kids, errands, time wasting, staring at phone, sitting in traffic, hasn’t taken the time to understand why he/she seems so busy, etc. Any of those ring a bell?  I have been fascinated for years about when being so busy became a badge of honor. If you are busy doing something awesome, meaningful, and fulfilling, I am not talking about that. I am talking about if you are missing out on fantastic life experiences because you haven’t stopped to truly analyze all of the inefficiencies, illogical items, and wasted time in your life. You know…”busy”.  I’ve spent tons of time and thought sorting through it. Try it. Remove the barriers.  And focus your time, money, and energy on things that you personally love. 


I love being outside. I love playing golf. I love playing golf at sunset in Pinehurst. Which leads me to this week’s adventure. 

7B434234-7BEC-4455-9042-7A7411118CABLet me introduce you to my friends Ben from Alabama and Jay from Iowa. We met 2 years and 10 months ago at a work conference in Minnesota.

005E5EE6-850B-40C4-A95F-5570071F521D Through a friend’s hookup, we were able to play Hazeltine National Golf Club right before the Ryder Cup, and that 18 hole walk was where we bonded.

EE6E99B0-CA9A-4142-AF5A-25E7DFF9739BIt was magnificent. It was spectacular. It was and is a memory that brings out so much emotion in me. So we decided last year to start an annual adventure focused around golf. We have a 4th friend, Chad from Wyoming, who hosted last year but couldn’t make it this year. His home is on the tip of Yellowstone National Park, and last year’s trip was magnificent.

8AFCCB43-F36E-442D-95BE-7708CBBF901BIt was spectacular. It was and is a memory that brings out so much emotion in me. This year, it was my turn. What would be magnificent? What would be spectacular? What would be emotional? Pinehurst, the home of American golf, where the ghosts of the greats fill the air. 

6F9E1FDB-27A2-4E41-B2AD-E0C8EAB2A9F1I love hanging out with these boys. I love the unusual adventures we get into. I love that I never know what is going to come out of their mouths. And I love the golf. 

We traversed North Carolina and played 90 holes of golf over 4 days, some good and some not so good. We ate and drank locally. They met my parents, my family, my co-workers, and some good, good friends. I showed them my world. That’s part of the allure. This ain’t some fancy trip. We ain’t showing off. It’s real. 

A130208D-BF5A-4119-8F15-615AAC568FF4On Saturday, we stood on Wingate University’s soccer field, my favorite place in the world, as the sun started to set. And on Friday, we lumbered down the last few holes of Pine Needles in Pinehurst, a course that has hosted 3 US Women’s Opens, having played 36 holes. Ben and I were wiped. The sun was setting. And Jay was playing lights out. It was magical.  I hope they had a wonderful, wonderful time. 

4E508819-B8F1-44C4-9C4E-BDB633CB77E8.jpegWe’ve known each other for less than 3 years. We’ve now done Hazeltine, Yellowstone, and Pinehurst. Beast Mode.  Absolute beast mode. Next year is already in motion. 

If you haven’t done the exercise, take a few moments to analyze and consider the inefficiencies and wastefulness in your life regarding time, money, lifestyle, etc. I have aggressively attacked those things, and the result is more everything (primarily time) to do things that are awesome, meaningful, memorable, magnificent, spectacular, and emotional. Pinehurst at sunset with the boys. Check. 

Doesn’t need to be fancy…just what is specifically meaningful to you. 

Have a great week.-Benj

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