From Central Park to Kill Devil Hills

“I get bored easily, and I hate to waste time.”-abk

20961F22-DB09-44E5-9BDF-E68F58D2FC05At 5:13pm last Sunday, I exited Central Park. My legs were wobbly, my heart was full, and I needed a ride. 

At 2:45am Monday morning, I awoke to my alarm at the uber cool Ace Hotel and headed to JFK to catch a flight straight to work in Charlotte. 

C9E18DEC-DCFE-4607-942E-304EAE9F048DOther than almost falling over a few times, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were normal days at the office. Wednesday night, my son Banks and I got to crash at my parents house, a convenient stop a little closer to the NC coast. On Thursday, I woke up early and worked remotely from Union County while Banks and my parents played, and then he and I headed out Thursday afternoon to meet my wife Christy, who was already working in the Outer Banks. 

Along the drive, we stopped in Raleigh for a chat with my brother. As the lengthy drive continued, Banks slept, and I had riveting conversations with my sister and a couple of good friends. 

We arrived just in time to have a lovely Asian/Caribbean dinner as a family and watch my Panthers get their asses whooped (speaking of wasting my time). So I promptly settled in and did some more work instead. 

3E0A927E-D323-44EE-9B41-51F00DEE8894On Friday, I awoke early to watch the sunrise, read, and then I took Banks for his first ever golf outing with daddy at Kilmarlic Golf Club. It went both better and worse than expected, with him making a few putts while also somehow losing a shoe. As his patience (and mine) wore thin, we finished, and I treated him to a big boy hot dog lunch in the clubhouse, where he just loved flirting with the waitresses. 

55C01A11-C20C-47E0-8BF6-2AF1FF119A2EWe returned back to the condo before momma finished working, and I caught the sun setting directly over the Wright Brothers Monument from the front porch. I felt like I was in Rio de Janeiro. Later that evening, Christy and I shared a unique pizza, had a drink, and then I slept for the first time in what felt like ages (I see you 2:45am Monday). 

BB66C3FF-BBA2-4EBC-9FE2-6D0DCCCEEBFAOn Saturday morning, we went as a family to the aquarium and saw the coolest white alligator, along with the usual stuff. 55A36883-988C-4625-8F20-8103FE50B81EWe then hit up downtown Manteo and Lost Colony Brewery for a beer, soup, and fried oyster po’ boy. 5D81A98E-30A8-466B-B260-70FC50277143I must admit to you something. I usually do not regret things or have FOMO or anything like that. But the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody was playing at this super old theater there that night, and I would have absolutely LOVED to have gone. 231A1461-F279-469E-A0C6-AD6BDA2E222CBut oh well, you can’t win them all. I then snuck out for a quick 18 at Nags Head Golf Links. Stunning. Simply stunning. C6E7C920-794C-485D-8848-468271580A06I breezed through a chilly round before having a beer in the clubhouse at sunset, a view that I will never forget. 

B441404C-AE53-4268-B7F3-7A4007005152Then it was movie time. What? No, not Bohemian Rhapsody. The Grinch (looking sharp) with the family which was fun, and then that was that. 91E2A538-C469-4B84-99B2-CB197DA646CCTo complete the circle of life, the OBX Marathon happened to be Sunday morning, so I woke early and tried to reciprocate all of the love I received in NYC last Sunday. 

739DB3AE-6B2D-4067-A55A-9B98021D05AFThis past week, I flew roughly 1300 miles, drove another 1000, and ran 26.2. Went to New York, Wingate, and the Outer Banks. Spent quality time with every member of my family in person minus my sister. Helped recruit some college kids to the bank, played a lot of golf, and watched one crappy ass football game. 

Have we made progress with being intentional with our time? Owning our own time instead of it owning us?  The only way that all of the work/play/work/play that I did this week (and every week) is possible is by being laser focused on my time. 

B82A882F-9FDE-415C-AA24-7E4AE6D238C0Where have I personally gotten better? Once I get to that race, appointment, meal, or wherever I am going, just taking off the watch and relaxing and enjoying. You know, at that point, not knowing that time even exists. 

Have a great week.- Benj

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2 thoughts on “From Central Park to Kill Devil Hills

  1. What a great piece, beautiful pics and places and sharing your inspiring-continuing story with us. Thanks for taking us along. Keep on moving, Benj, and allowing us to travel with you. jan

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