abk: 2082

“You never know what life is like until you have lived it.”-Marilyn Monroe

Imagine you are 93 years old (like my son’s great grandmother that we all visited this week). Or imagine you are 87 (like my son’s great grandfather that we all see a couple of times per month). Or imagine you are 100 or 110 or whatever.

Did you do everything that you wanted with your life? Were your priorities in order according to you, or did you conform? Did you listen to others too much? Were you focused? Were you happy? Did you have regrets?

Now imagine you are 70. Same questions. Maybe you have 30 years left to live. Maybe you have two weeks.

Now imagine you are 37 like me. Same questions. Different context. Instead of “were”, let’s try “are”. Maybe the answers are a resounding “yes”. Maybe the answer is “soon” or “will be”. Maybe you liked my 671 day plan and are a work in progress.

If you passed away tomorrow, would you be pleased with how you spent your last seven days?

“When you grow up, you tend to get told that the world is the way it is…try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader…you can change it, you can influence it…” -Steve Jobs

What if you could truly design your own lifestyle like the late Mr. Jobs designed his products? What if you could take the two or four or six things in this world that really light your heart on fire and truly design a life around them? Where every waking second, or close enough, you were doing something that was meaningful or that you enjoyed? What if everything else (I call it noise) could simply be ignored? Why isn’t that idea introduced in high school or college? What if I told you that simply DOING those things you are passionate about and SHOWING them to the world is broadening, influencing, and making the world a better place?

If you could do anything you wanted, what would that be? Would you be willing to sacrifice some of the things that the world tells you to care about, but that honestly don’t interest you or interest you anymore? Could you rid yourself of meaningless stuff? Would you be willing to go from living in 3,000 square feet to surviving in 800 square feet? Could you deal with the fact that your life “looks different”? What if you had to walk into a family reunion and tell everyone that you were unemployed while you did the work? What if people didn’t even consider what you were doing “work”?

Could you do it? Would you do it? So that you could do exactly what YOU wanted every single day.

“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” – Michelle Obama

What if pursuing your dreams, goals, and the process takes your whole life? What if it BECOMES your entire life? What if you never make a dime on it? Is that a failure? Is it a success? Is it noble or foolish, or does it really matter? Is money the compass? Does IT force you to do things you don’t want? What if you could live your dreams, but you had to reprogram yourself? When should you start? Is it even possible?

When I completed my collegiate soccer career, I did not feel like I was done. I felt like I was good enough. I felt like there was more.

I got a tryout with the Columbus Crew of the MLS over a snowy weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, with about 75 other players. DI kids, minor league professionals, and me. All dreamers.

There were four cuts that weekend, and I made it to the final one. But there, the truth became evident. My body couldn’t handle the rigors, and I just wasn’t good enough.

But I did it. I tried. Because I couldn’t have looked myself in the mirror if I hadn’t, and so I did. And I “failed”. And I was proud, and I still am.

“Just Do It.”-Nike

Have a great week. -Benj

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