The Story of abk golf

5/15/17- decided I was going to own my life story and launched anything but khakis, initially as a fashion blog.

12/30/18- launched abk golf as a branch of anything but khakis, initially to share golf course photos.

2/11/19- sold house in Charlotte, NC.

2/26/19- played Torrey Pines North and South courses in La Jolla, CA. Shot 94 and 96, respectively. Blown away by sunrise and sunset. Played the South course with the current QB at SDSU.

3/7/19- played East Lake in Atlanta, GA with my friend Justin. Shot 99. Hit my tee shot on 9 into the employee parking lot. Birdied 14.

3/17/19- played Pinehurst #2 in NC. Shot 109. Made an 11 on the first hole and my hands never stopped shaking. One putted 18 Payne Stewart style.

3/22/19- final day of employment at the bank in Charlotte, NC.

3/22/19- played East Lake again with my friend Ben. Shot 103. Hit the green on 9 this time…and five putted. Formal exhaustion set in.

3/22/19- arrived in Mississippi that night with an unofficial 14 handicap and went on the disabled list within the next 2 weeks. I was fried.

—Rest and rehab—

4/17/19- decided I was going to give it a go. How good could I get at golf, a sport that I hadn’t grown up with but had fallen in love with in adulthood? Official Day 1. Shot an 85.

4/19/19- joined Shell Landing Golf Club in Gautier, MS, but alternated play between Timberton Golf Club in Hattiesburg, MS and there for weeks. Major posture and swing change.

—practiced and/or played 87 of the first 120 days totaling 240+ hours and another 75+ hours of strengthening and stretching—

5/1/19- 13.2 handicap

5/15/19- 13.1 handicap

6/1/19- 12.5 handicap

6/15/19- 11.9 handicap

6/16/19- son got me matte blue Maxfli golf balls for Father’s Day. They have become my thing (and are quite the conversation starter).

6/21/19- shot 79 in Iowa with my friend Jay.

6/22/19- tested the game at the very narrow Dakota Dunes in South Dakota with my friend Jay. Shot 89.

6/27/19- major grip change. Hit balls sideways for a few days.

7/1/19- 11.2 handicap

7/2+7/3/19- shot 37/40 for combined 77 over 2 days

7/8/19- tested the game at World Woods Pine Barrens in Florida with my brother in law Jonathan. Shot 84.

7/10/19- started working from back tees (7024 yards) so I could practice every club in my bag on the course.

7/15/19- 9.3 handicap. Single digits. Goal 1 ✅.

7/24/19- decided to pack up the Jordan 11s and wear them only for special golfing occasions.

—some time in July, I stopped walking and started riding a cart due to right foot and hip pain—

8/1/19- 8.9 handicap

8/8/19- (highly) tested the game at the beastly Grand Bear Golf Course from the Grizzly Bear tees (75.5/143). Shot 92.

8/12/19- shot 79 back at the ranch

8/15/19- handicap currently 8.1. Hip getting better. Foot still hurts.

8/18/19- trending 7.7

When I started “my new life”, I was going to be a fashion blogger and golf course photographer. Turns out, I wasn’t that interested in or good at being either of them. I likely embarrassed myself multiple times. However, out of taking that first big leap, it eventually got me to writing and golfing, which both set my heart on fire.

That first step was quite frightening, but look where it has taken me. To a new life. I’ve done it. I’m doing it.

People may laugh, people may judge, people may gossip, and people may wonder. I just smile, put my head down, and get back to work. To be continued…

Have a great week.- Benj

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4 thoughts on “The Story of abk golf

  1. Interesting piece. I love your discoveries about yourself and that you’ve found your passion and able to nourish & enjoy it. That’s important in life I think, to find your passion and be able to participate in it.
    Thanks, Benj, for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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