20 Questions with anything but khakis

1. First off, where are you right now?

The Grand Canyon

2. For first time readers, what exactly is anything but khakis?

It’s an attitude. It’s a conscious decision to NOT take the comfortable or popular path on life matters. To really think through who you are and want to be. It can be as simple as what’s for dinner and as complicated as politics, religion, career, family, life, etc. In many cases, it’s doing the complete opposite of the mainstream. It’s finding freedom from the noise. It’s constantly evolving. It’s owning your life story.

3. Isn’t that uncomfortable?

God, yes. It sure can be. Until it isn’t any more. I’m getting real close (800+ days so far), and then I’ll probably start over again.

4. Do you sell something?

It’s all free, except for the hat design. That’s a few bucks. I’m not doing this for money.

5. Why are you doing this then?

To SHOW that 1 person, those 10 people, those 100 people who have unique interests or passions that they are not alone. And that it is possible to pursue them, even “later” in life. At mid-30s, I’ve started over and am actively making my own path. And the key is I’m actually doing it, not talking for the next 40 years about possibly doing it.

6. Describe your attitude towards life.

Intentional and passionate

7. You are gone a lot…

Traveling is who I am, and you have to be who you are. After about 3 weeks of “sitting still”, I need some new perspective. And this should go without saying now, but traveling has the best ROI of any investment I make. Not even close.

8. What’s your biggest priority in life?

Whatever the current step of the journey is. And happiness.

9. Are you ever going to get a job again?

Stay tuned.

10. What’s your pet peeve?

Lack of action and being told something isn’t possible

11. Do bad things ever happen to you?

You seem to live in fantasyland.

First off, it’s only fantasy if you don’t turn it into reality. Now, back to the question, yes. Plenty of bad things happen to me. I just don’t believe in negativity. There is room to be upset and time to mourn, but negativity baffles me. It’s a disease.

12. Where do you get your perspective from?

I’m physically uncomfortable every day. It would be a pretty shit life if I just moaned about it. I choose to be positive and push every limit that I can.

13. Tell us some personal goals.

Become a scratch golfer. Explore all 50 states. Explore as many countries in the world as I can.

14. What is your current golf handicap?


How many states have you explored?



2 handfuls

15. What’s your favorite thought right now?

“Did your life choose you or are you choosing your life?”

16. How do you pay for all of this?

Bitcoin. Just kidding. I can’t be the only person out there who has saved a few bucks. I’m just not waiting until I’m dead to spend a little bit of it. I’m heavily investing in my personal growth, and I am so much better today than I was even a few months ago.

17. What’s one thing we don’t know about you?

If it were totally up to me, I would live in a hotel. 100%.

18. What’s evolved most along your journey?

Other than everything, fear. I used to be afraid of everything. Now it’s the complete opposite.

19. Did you give away all your clothes?

No, I still have all the museum pieces and pieces from my travels. I hope one day to have a room or something that can visually showcase my journey.

20. What’s your ultimate goal?

The abk Foundation. Give everything back. What exactly does that mean? I’m not sure yet. But I’ll figure it out. Just another part of the journey way on down the road.

Have a great week.- Benj

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