Fish Out of Water

We worry about our children. That’s what we do. Some of us more than others.

Over the past three years, I’ve worked on worrying. I used to worry about everything. Stupid stuff. After the work, I worry about very little. “Worrying is a wasted emotion,” someone told me. They were correct.

But we still worry about our children. Because that is just what we do.

When Mississippi came calling, I remember thinking to myself. I am an adult. I will figure it out. Christy is an adult. She will figure it out. But we better not balls this up for Banks.

In 2019, he attended three schools. That worried me. When he went to his four year old doctor checkup in Mississippi, the doctor said that we should introduce him to snake (and alligator) safety as well as guns. GUNS! At four! That worried me. (Whether you or I like it or not, facts are facts, and this area is laden with poisonous snakes, gators, and guns.)

This area does have neighborhoods, but as with any coastal community, it also has its fair share of remote beach houses, cabins, and RV parks. Trick or treating happens in some places, and in others, no chance. The cabin that is currently home is in a “no chance” zone, so I wondered if Banks would get to trick or treat at all on Halloween. That worried me.

I saw that the Denver Nuggets were in town playing the New Orleans Pelicans on Halloween night and thought, Wouldn’t that be fun? Halloween in New Orleans!

Banks listened intently but was adamant. Let’s trick or treat and then go to the fall festival at his school. (We went to Warriors at Pelicans Monday instead.)

Great. No problem. Sounds perfect. Where in the hell are we going to trick or treat?

Turns out, whether you and I see eye to eye or whether you and southern Mississippi residents see eye to eye is irrelevant when it comes to worrying about and caring for our children. The good folks in our immediate area wanted to give Banks a trick or treat extravaganza, and that they did. They gave out candy (and money) and opened their homes (and boats) to just him. Just him. A one kid trick or treating parade. I was floored, and he loved it. Made him feel special.

Worrying is a wasted emotion, but we worry about our children. I don’t know why. They are more malleable and resilient than us adults. Banks aka The Hulk is living large. He has friends everywhere he goes. Doesn’t meet a stranger. Laughs. Giggles. Loves life.

He’s just in a new place. His third school. His new school, as he calls it. He doesn’t care.

So simple. If only it were that easy…

Have a great week.-Benj

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