abk Lifestyle: What’s New, and What’s Next

After returning from abk Trip 54 to south Florida, it is time to park the abkMobile for a while. I’m on the cusp of another golf breakthrough, and it is going to require daily attention for the foreseeable future. No travel days. No jet lag days. No car lag days. Just focus.

So with no abk trip 55 in the works just yet, what’s on my mind? What’s next?

First and most importantly, my little, big man turns five on Monday, so it is going to be a week of celebration. I hear there are going to be some special guests in town, but shhh, it’s a surprise.

Kids soccer has started back up, and I’ve got three new players. It’s neat to see their growth, kids going from shy to less shy to having an ever present smile, sometimes in under an hour.

We are at the cusp of beginning a new house build, so overseeing that is on the docket. The setting is a little risky, yet exquisite. Very coastal, and a little mysterious. Very, very abk…stay tuned.

Mardi Gras is in two weeks, so I am sure a day trip is in order. JazzFest was fun last year, which the locals said was a must, so this is next up. New Orleans really is a vibe.

The Champions Tour comes to Fallen Oak in March, and the PGA Tour comes to TPC Louisiana in April. The Champions Tour event is free, so I’m sure I’ll head out there as a spectator. More importantly, Spanish swashbuckler Miguel Ángel Jímenez (#abk) has committed, so I can’t wait to see him up close and personal. For the PGA Tour event, I’ve put in my application to volunteer. I want to be inside the ropes with the players, but I’m a first-timer, so who knows. (I will be required to wear khakis as a part of this event.)

And thennn…I’m thinking abk Trip 55 is going to be camping at Big Bend National Park on the Texas/México border some time in late spring. Details TBD, but it’s definitely on the tip of my (and others’) tongue.

Otherwise, it’s just grinding. I’ve got a little over two months until the one year golf journey anniversary, when I promised myself and others I would take stock of my progress and future desires.

So if you need me, I’ll be at the course. I’m so close to that next small breakthrough (decimals from a scoring average in the 70s), and it needs my full attention.

Have a great week.-Benj

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2 thoughts on “abk Lifestyle: What’s New, and What’s Next

  1. Congrats on starting to build your home! As you know, it’s so exciting to watch! Banks is a little older, now, so he can get into it more. We can’t believe he’s about to be 5 years old! I think Elizabeth’s turned 5 recently, too Have a fun, fun week! ❤ Aunt Pam & Uncle Joe

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