abk Chronicles: A Breath of Fresh Air

A big part of this lifestyle is living outside. Not literally, but damn close. I’m not a doctor, but over the past few years, I noticed how much better I felt about myself and life in general after spending large amounts of time outside each day. So I decided to do something about it.

Even on these 110 degree heat index days, I spend 25% of the day outside. In spring and fall, it’s more like 30-40%. Every day. It could be porch sitting watching the boats roll by. It could be hours and hours of working on the golf game. It could be riding the jet ski up the river or out in the gulf. Simply reading, imagining, or looking at the animals.

All of these feelings were bolstered by my travels to Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah, to name a few. I never wanted to be inside, and in some instances, even to sleep, I never was. I felt like I was actually living, not just existing, and I thought to myself, An outdoor lifestyle shouldn’t be that difficult to design.

There are plenty of exorbitantly-priced luxury areas in the world, but there are also plenty of hidden gems and budget-friendly outdoorsy living areas. And sometimes you just stumble across them, which literally was the case here.

Within the next four months, The Treehouse at The End of the Earth is going to be complete. Ever since day one of seeing this property, I called it The End of the Earth. Why? Drive as far south as you can in Mississippi, and when the last road dead ends and the Gulf of Mexico begins, it’s on the left. Seriously, it’s la la land. I remember thinking to myself, This is the perfect vibe. Breezy and mysterious. We can build a house, but I’m never going to be in it.

It excites me that Banks is being raised with little routine and near complete freedom. I think it’s very important to teach him living versus existing early on, and him fishing with Mommy after school on a Wednesday certainly accomplishes that. He’s basically been raised in a tiny fishing camp/village for the past year of his life. Armed with his bicycle helmet and life jacket, he’s a boy on a mission. We adults are all arguing about the best way to school these kids right now, but as I’ve said before, maybe the joke’s on us.

Schooling versus teaching. Living versus existing.

Have a great week.-Benj

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