A Week for the Ages: Panthers, Zeta, and Rock Trolls

(Drop the beat…)

‘Twas an interesting week

Down in the dirrrty Deep South,

Hurricane Zeta came through

And kind of punched us in the mouth.

But first back to Sunday

In the grand Superdome,

The Saints hosted my Panthers

I felt right at home.

Except something was different

Only 3,000 fans,

No parties no tailgates

No funky brass bands.

We had a row to ourselves

No lines to be seen,

Sanitizing stations everywhere

So we felt nice and clean.

It was a hell of a game

And came down to the end,

A 65 yard field goal attempt

Not something you’d usually recommend.

We sat flush with the crossbar

As the kick went in the air,

The Superdome got quiet

I leapt out of my chair.

The ball flew and it tumbled

Maybe 12 inches short,

So I sat my ass down

And tried to be a good sport.

All in all it was awesome

The whole day was first class,

‘Twas Boyzz Day in New Orleans

And we both had a blast.

Then we walked back to the lot

Where I had parked my car,

There was a boot on my tire

I could see from afar.

There were boots everywhere, everywhere

What the hell was going on,

Guess the attendants were out of practice

Since it had been so damn long.

It was annoying, for sure

But it didn’t ruin the day,

A great memory for the ages

I must certainly say.

Cars getting booted

Fans wearing masks,

65 yard field goal attempts

Falling short at the last.

Another day in New Orleans

Where you just never know,

Then freaking Zeta showed up

And the wind started to blow.

Zeta came out of nowhere

I first saw it in Cancún,

It started building up Monday

Damn, it’s gonna be here soon.

ETA was Wednesday

Better get ready,

Get stuff put away

Get the unsteady, steady.

I played 18 quick holes

At the course Wednesday morning,

And then about 8pm that night

The wind started roaring.

Trees started snapping

The power went out,

The cabin started shaking

Ol’ Zeta got stout.

The new house lost shingles

The storm surge was tough,

The cleanup that followed

Was reasonable, yet rough.

Every activity got cancelled

But not Halloween,

There was a little Rock Troll

That really wanted to be seen.

‘Twas a week for the ages

I think we all agree,

Next week, golf in Arkansas

And football in KC.

Have a great week.-Benj

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One thought on “A Week for the Ages: Panthers, Zeta, and Rock Trolls

  1. What a great and exciting week, just like you like it, Benj. And you held it all together and did play some golf too. WoW! You’re quite impressive and I know Banks had a great, fun time too. Stay safe.

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