abk Living: The Simplification of Life

Along the abk journey, one of my absolute favorite exercises has been the application of the Does This Matter Test to literally everything in my life. Said another way, is a potential thought, idea, person, place, or action going to get a single iota of my attention? Or, as is so often the case, is something just BS and a complete waste of energy?

The Does This Matter exercise can be applied to whatever depth one personally deems necessary. It can be complex. Does this matter in the grand cosmos of things? It can be simple. Does this logistically matter in making today work? This exercise takes a little courage, partial consciousness (at a minimum), a tad bit of self belief, a dollop of restraint, some common sense, and, as always, free thinking.

For me, it was an active exercise at first, but now, it’s built into my being. It just happens.

Will this make my life better?, someone may ask. I don’t know exactly what this question means, but the Does This Matter exercise frees me to explore the richness, depth, and potential inside of me. On the exterior, it enables me to explore life itself and what I think actually matters.

At a minimum, it should help make your life, more intentionally, yours.

As an example, on Sunday night, I head towards bed about 8 pm. THIS matters to me. On Monday morning, I wake up in the 4am hour. 4am to 6am is my time. I listen to or read something inspiring, something limit pushing. I watch the sun rise. THIS matters to me.

For the 8 or so hours I spend at the pro shop, I don’t overcomplicate things. We’ve got customers, and I want them all to have a great time. If someone truly wants to get better, I try to help them. That’s it, but IT matters.

When I pick up my son, I want to know if he had a super duper big bad Monday. He talks. I listen. Sometimes we rock out. THIS matters.

Back at the golf course later that day, two things are going on. I am trying to get really good, and I am trying to enjoy nature with my son. We point out every animal or beautiful tree. We watch the sun set. He tells me I didn’t make enough birdies. THIS matters.

Dinner matters, both the actual food/drink and the experience. Christy, Banks, and I usually eat together, usually something tasty, often watching Family Feud. THIS matters.

After dinner? Stretching and abk. THIS matters. After that, who knows?

On Tuesday, it may be exactly the same or completely different. That’s what my pre-6am is for. Purpose. Intent. Clarity. A re-centering. An opportunity to eliminate any iota of confusion or negativity, if by chance any has crept in. THAT certainly matters.

There are a lot of fancy quotes and BS buzzwords out there, but at the end of the day, life is about living, all that is around us and all that is within us. And we all have the freedom, should we journey from autopilot closer to the fully conscious, to explore our potential and decide what really matters.

Have a great week.-Benj

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