The (Not So) Simple Steps of the (Not So) Simple abk Journey

“Half of the work was just starting. The other half was trying all sorts of stuff to see what I actually enjoyed. The next half was (and is) grinding on and on and on with these things until…”-abk

Look at what I found while unpacking some boxes a couple of weeks ago.

It’s been nearly four years since I started the now defunct, less than world famous fashion blog, anything but khakis. If you have an extra few minutes on your hands anytime soon, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of my Instagram page (@anythingbutkhakis) and have a great laugh with (or at) me.

While you are there, start scrolling up. Somehow, a startup fashion blog hobby turned into a pretty intense lifelong pursuit of self-mastery, lifestyle design, and an ever-expanding potential.

First, it was fashion. Then it was running races. Then it was writing. Then it was traveling. Then it was hats. Then it was more traveling. And then tattoos. And then encouragement. Sporting events. Photography. Family. Friends. Parenting. Golf trips. Mississippi, as an idea. Underwater modeling hahahahahaha!

Mississippi, as an action. Golf photography. New Orleans. The golf journey. The beach. The United States north to south. The United States east to west. Coaching kids soccer. Pelicans. North Carolina visits. Mardi Gras. Crazy belts. The fishing camp. Jet skiing. New house. New job. Scratch golf. Hurricanes. Dolphins. Fishing.

I could go on, but my thumbs are getting sore.

And to think, had I not finally garnered the courage to start the now defunct, less than world famous fashion blog, anything but khakis, none of this would have ever happened.

And to think, had I not tried all of these different things, many of them new, some of them utterly ridiculous, I wouldn’t know what sets my heart on fire.

And to think, had I not kept it moving in the right direction, I might have gone back to what was easy and comfortable.

And to think, I made it so complex. Start. Try stuff. Discard what doesn’t work. Otherwise, keep at it. I remember, prior to four years ago, when that indeed was terrifying.

Can you believe I had a business card made for an online fashion blog? I’m dying over here 😂 ☠️.

Have a great week.-Benj

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