A(bk) Seeker’s World: Where Anything is Possible

As much as I despise limiting categories, I am equally enamored with limitless worlds.

Where I am now, both externally and internally, literally and figuratively, is because I discovered or was introduced to worlds that I did not know previously existed. To a seeker like me, getting here is both just the beginning and also a massive success.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi? Never heard of it.

Jet skiing on random Wednesdays? Get out of here.

Friday nights in New Orleans? Stop it.

Shooting under par, even par, or just over par nearly every time out? Seriously, stop it.

Running two marathons with serious arthritis? No way!

Playing golf essentially 549 days straight? Impossible.

Not sleeping in my own bed for two years straight? Maniac!

Writing 196 articles about my ongoing seeking and unorthodox lifestyle? 👀

Golfing in Tijuana? Hitchhiking in Iceland? Highly unlikely.

Unlearning everything, then consciously, thoughtfully reconsidering everything.

Learning the importance of using my unique view on life to help others.

Learning how to be a father.

Learning the importance of feelings.

Learning how to re-center my life’s priorities daily, sometimes more.

Learning how to relax. (A little.)

Learning how to use discomfort and uncertainty for extreme personal growth and to build the lifestyle I didn’t know could actually exist.

Learning to be happy.

Learning courage, and how to combat fear.

Learning to live.

Every day, I see or hear someone (or lots of someones) who, it’s obvious, has never been thoroughly introduced to another world. (Contrastingly, I also interact with tons of people who introduce ME to their many interesting worlds!)

As someone who has been lucky enough to explore thousands of worlds, I am aware of the growth, potential, and open mindedness that each new world can unlock.

At abk, I am not trying to change anybody. No, no, no. Hell, I couldn’t if I tried. That’s on each individual person to own his or her life story. What I am trying to show (introduce) are the endless worlds, possibilities, and potential that actually exist out there, should we ever choose to stop placing limits on ourselves.

For me personally, this involves constant reinvention each time I get more clarity along my journey.

I remember running that first NYC Marathon lifetimes ago, thinking I was busting down some proverbial wall. A young man with ankylosing spondylitis pounding and pounding when he shouldn’t be. Doing something that he really shouldn’t be able to do. And then I saw the runner who couldn’t see, the participant with only one leg, the participant with no legs…

And that day, I was introduced to a new world. I remember saying to myself, When you think you are pushing your limits, Benj, you are not even close. You are just scratching the surface.

And now, four years on, it’s just my way of life.

Have a great week.-Benj

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One thought on “A(bk) Seeker’s World: Where Anything is Possible

  1. Benj, this is a very beautiful piece in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with all of us. Happy Easter to your beautiful family.

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