abk Lifestyle: Variety is the Routine

“Most days are abk now. That’s the whole point. One life. No days wasted. No days exactly the same. Be exactly who you want to be. But some days are more abk than others.”-anything but khakis®️

For the abk lifestyle to fully blossom, two things have to occur. First, every day must be tended to fully, intentionally, and passionately. Second, no sleepwalking is allowed. No arbitrary daily routine can exist just because of comfort or habit.

Over the past almost 4.5 years, I’m 99.9% sure no two days have looked remotely similar, unless that was my intent. No morning coffee just because. No tacos just because it’s Tuesday. No I’m going to be creative at 8am every Thursday, because living cannot be planned. What do I want out of each day? Hell, I couldn’t have a routine in my life now if I tried. Some days I go to work at 6am. Some days 10am. Some days not at all. Some days I play golf at 2pm. Some days 6pm. Occasionally not at all. Some days I teach. Some days I don’t. Some days I teach adults. Some days I teach kids. Some days I want tacos. Some days pizza. Some days a salad. Some days I sleep on the couch. Some days in the bed. Some days I write. Some days I take pictures.

The variety is my routine. The variety is my consistency. With my bigger picture in mind, I tend to that specific day’s wants and needs, wants and needs that absolutely vary from day to day. Why we confine ourselves to a predetermined regimen versus daily conscious living baffles me. I mean, what if I’m feeling Asian food on Taco Tuesday?

The first thing I told my sister at the airport after she and her family arrived last week was this: down here, rules are merely suggestions. There are no arbitrary, rigid rules down here. That’s the whole point. We work when we need to work. We play when we need to play. We eat when we are hungry. We sleep when we are tired.

We need to be cognizant of the impending birth of a child and mom’s needs, but otherwise we can do whatever y’all want. Want to go to the beach? Let’s walk to the beach. Want to jet ski? Let’s ride. Want to play golf? Let’s play. Want to just chill, watch the kids play, and have pizza delivered? Beautiful. (Half jokingly)- Want to bet on the Notre Dame-Florida State game? Actually, yes. Let’s do something different!

Alright Suz, here’s how betting works. This means that. That means this. Bet with your head. Bet with your heart. I don’t care. Just don’t bet too much that if you lose it will ruin your night…says the guy who got slightly agitated when Notre Dame decided to take their foot of the gas.

$38.10, she won. I know who’s buying the pizza next time.

Life is full of questions, questions I’ve been exploring for the past 4.5 years. Life is full of exceptions, as I wrote about last week. And life is full of contradictions, example 1A being my disdain for routine in life while simultaneously embarking on a golf journey where having a methodical regimen is the way to get really good.

On the one hand, I love variety, creativity, artistry, freedom and the spice of life. On the other hand, I now work, teach, and play something that requires a rigid routine.

On the one hand, I can’t explain it. It’s just another question. On the other hand, I guess I just discovered a difference between anything but khakis®️ and abk Golf 💡.

Have a great week.-Benj

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