2022: abk Thoughts and Musings

“You CAN have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.”- Oprah Winfrey

-The most effective way for me to sit down, relax, and reflect is to be forced to.

-I felt my lower back getting fatigued, and then last Tuesday I bent over, and that was that.

-It’s going to be about 20 degrees this week for Christmas (which I love), so I’ll just chill, recover, and be ready to go in January.

-Alright, let’s get to it: reflections from 2022.

-For almost four years now, I haven’t sat in a meeting, in person or virtual. It’s glorious.

-99.9% of the time, I wear dad shoes, golf shoes, or slides.

-Boston, Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte. My son loved Boston the most, but that Detroit trip was pretty incredible.

-Big cities provide me endless inspiration.

-I would jet ski out in The Gulf every week if it weren’t such a pain in the ass to prep before and clean after the ride.

-Creativity cannot be forced. Nor should it be stifled.

-Variety and action are two of my favorite words. Routine and tradition are two of my least favorite.

-It really just comes down to how much risk you are willing to take and how much you believe in yourself.

-My son and I try to play chess at least every other night.

-He loves soccer, but I think he could care less about golf.

-Be the first one to step up and take the penalty kick, and just put it in the damn corner. If you miss, make the next one.

-The food in New Orleans is incredible. I’ve been going there a lot more recently.

-Attending Coach K’s final game at The Final Four against UNC on a Saturday night in The Big Easy was absolutely fire.

-My dad and I walked up the 18th hole together on Pinehurst # 2, and then I almost made the birdie putt in front of the gallery. Moment of the year candidate.

-Making real progress on my PGA work while simultaneously raising a one year old is almost impossible.

-The atmosphere for a Charlotte FC game is so much better than a Panthers game. With half the crowd.

-When I play in a tournament, I only wear golf shoes that I have custom designed.

-Paradise Pointe. Fall foliage. Sweetens Cove. Family. Football. We needed one more day, though.

-I finished 7th in my PGA Section’s Assistant Player of the Year race. That’s a great start for my first full year competing.

-My average score in tournament play this year was mid-70s. That’s a good start, but it needs to get better.

-My worst score I shot the entire year was 81. I shot it three times: Pinehurst # 2 from the back tees, The Preserve with two triple bogies, and a round at Shell Landing in insane conditions.

-I turned forty this year and abk turned five. Am I getting wiser? Who knows?

-I had to put my beloved Becks down this year. She was almost seventeen. She lived one hell of a life.

-I love to write. Including this one, I published 36 written pieces this year. I just love to make creative content, whether anyone sees it or not.

-I was trying to go see Penn State in The Rose Bowl for New Years, but there is just too much going on that week. Not to mention it would be very uncomfortable being on a plane with my sore back.

-But a return trip to Los Angeles is on the list.

-An NBA game is the absolute best sporting event to go to with your kid. It’s entertainment x sport x fashion x pop culture.

-I probably taught 350-400 adult lessons, two Jr. League seasons, and one kids camp this year.

-I don’t care if you have any talent, but you have to try. And you have to want to be there.

-It makes me very happy to watch people get better at anything.

-I really, really enjoy sports betting. In a nerdy research way, not a renegade gambler way.

-My son has my curiosity. My daughter has my fire.

-You have to learn to enjoy the process of doing whatever it is you are doing. Enjoy the failures. Enjoy the mistakes. Enjoy the pain. Enjoy it all, and life gets really good.

-I’ve got a lot I want to say, but I’m not a fan of blabbing. That’s why I write and dress the way I do.

-The unwritten rule in this household is that you cannot be boring. You just can’t.

-In direct contrast, I’m trying to get my tournament golf mindset to be as boring as possible.

-I’m excited for Christy to experience an entire summer off without having a newborn attached to her.

-So what’s up for 2023? More golf. More travel. More nature. More sports. More learning. Watch the kids grow.

-abk living is being completely engaged at all times with things that interest you.

-Happy Holidays, and see you next year!

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