The Essence of abk

“Don’t let anyone talk you out of your vision just because they can’t see it.” – T.I.

Any time someone discovers anything but khakis®️ for the first time, there inevitably is a conversation about pants. Some get it. Some don’t. But there is always at least a brief conversation about beige colored pants.

abk formally came into existence roughly six years ago, but the essence of abk has been brewing for probably three decades now. I just didn’t know it.

I remember being a teenager, and all I wanted was freedom. Freedom to make my own decisions. Freedom to pursue my interests. I didn’t want to be constrained by society’s prescribed pathway to a successful life.

I wanted to do my thing. I wanted to be me.

Fast forward twenty to twenty five years, and I finally got the courage and sense to actually do it. At thirty six (now forty) years old, I set out to rediscover (or discover for the first time) all of those things that I enjoyed doing, and then decided I would spend all of my time and energy actually doing them. I might even wear khakis while doing them if I liked.

So I did two things. First, I literally made a list of things that interested me or that I enjoyed. Second, I embarked on a pretty magical journey of DOING in an effort to discover even more interests and add to that list. I figured I might enjoy something at forty that I didn’t at twenty, and vice versa. My mom continues to be fascinated by all of the foods that I eat now that I never would have touched as a kid.

As I mentioned in my last piece, my list of interests is now getting out of control. On paper, I’m fighting whether to play golf or jet ski. I’m fighting whether to teach another lesson or have dinner with my family. I’m fighting being fit as a fiddle or enjoying those delicious shrimp and grits. I’m fighting whether to go explore new places or spend those vacation days visiting my parents.

Enter the essence of abk.

Because I like one of a kind excursions and limited edition fashion, I used to think abk was based on exclusivity. But I think now, more than ever, it’s actually based on inclusion. Involving as many activities, people, and places as I can in an effort to live a full and complete life. It has been awesome to find how all of these interests intertwine and overlap.

I try to make everything an immersive experience. When we make the quick ride over to New Orleans, it usually involves some member of the family, basketball, music, unique food, culture, and style. Every day of the golf journey involves learning, teaching, competing, nature, style, and lots and lots of people.

Hell, Christy and the kids even come eat lunch with me at the golf course now.

Hell, every now and then I even wear a pair of khakis.

Have a great week.-Benj

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One thought on “The Essence of abk

  1. I love this piece of your writing as you share your thoughts in how you got to be you present day. And also loved the pics you inserted. Thank you again for sharing your talents.


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