It’s Time to Get Your Swagger Back

I just realized that I need to revise my dinner party invitation from a few months ago because I forgot to invite Tom Ford. You know, Tom Ford, one of the most fantastic fashion designers in the world. I have a couple of his shirts, a handful of his ties and pocket squares, and a pair of sunglasses. The quality is beyond exquisite. Sumptuous, even. But here’s the deal. Unless you are a gazillionaire, filling your closet with his pieces is very price-prohibitive. Suits are $4,000 and up. You get the picture.

A8AE2FE8-6E2F-4037-B35E-FD48B867D0BC26CA0630-F30F-4C87-98F6-77FF9A82F0D7I’ve always wondered why I like his brand so much. The clothes are great, but there was always something so much more that I couldn’t put my finger on. And a writer from Esquire finally hit the nail on the head for me. Paraphrased: “We Americans are casual, comfortable, and nice. Tom Ford doesn’t care about any of that. He’d rather give us what we lack: glamour, swagger, charisma, polish, and a little darkness.”  I love the swagger piece. And I’ll add adventure and exploration just for good measure. It’s gone MIA in the general population, and I’m seriously concerned.

7570701A-AA6D-4C75-90CC-623D7955AB93See, I encounter a lot of people on a daily basis and am a part of or overhear numerous conversations. These conversations are significantly lacking in adventure, excitement, and open-mindedness. It sometimes takes everything inside of me not to interject my two cents to complete strangers, or better yet, fall asleep. But if it is a conversation I am indeed a part of, you will see the gleam in my eyes immediately, and you know it is coming. A different perspective. That’s it. One that values effort, spontaneity, and risk-taking, among others. My being literally cannot handle the community of complaining and closed-mindedness that some time, some how became “cool” and so many people became a part of. Here’s the deal. It’s not cool. And if you think it is because you have huddled around twenty other likeminded individuals afraid to leave their comfort zone, the joke is actually on you.  But I am here to help.

CD11EADF-E647-41B9-ACF9-08F356E2B5CETom Ford represents to me everything that is possible in this huge world. Leaving your comfort zone. It has not a damn thing to do with money. It’s about edge. Effort. Excitement. Not a single detail has been overlooked. It’s also about a certain mindset. When I wear his clothes I feel different. Ready for battle. Adventurous. That I could walk into the Ritz Carlton anywhere on the planet and feel confident that I belong. That sounds crazy, doesn’ t it?

907ED632-C5AC-4A58-8D11-F0CB9E11D6A5You have to remember that I am from little old Wingate, NC. I learned in my teenage years that the world was bigger than Union County. Bigger than Charlotte. Even bigger than the United States. But just because I learned this 20 years ago doesn’t mean that you can’t start now if that feeling is burning inside of you. Start with the idea. For example, you want to go to London in April. Then work backwards. Figure out the logistics for keeping the kids or the dogs. Figure out the savings plan to pay for it. And so on. Don’t start with the plan. Plans tend to get in the way. Start with the adventure, and that’ll make sure you go. And when, not if, you get to London, swing by Tom Ford and pick you up a tie (guys).  Wear it to a nice dinner. And then report back to me. Guaranteed you’ll have the gleam in your eye this time, not me. And then maybe I’ll let you write the blog that week so you can tell the world how you got your swagger back.

Have a great week.-Benj

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