Put Me in Coach

Are you in the game? Seriously. Ask yourself. Are you in the game, or are you on the sidelines of life? What do I mean? Okay, since I love and play sports, we will start there. If there was a penalty kick to be taken in the soccer game, I wanted to take it. If there was a free throw to win or lose the game with 1 second left, I wanted to take it. Field goal to win or lose the game? That’s right. And guess what? I have “won” games before, and I have “lost” games before. But I was in the game, and it was on me. This sounds strange, but it feels so much better to lose the game than to not be in the game at all. That sentence is what most people miss. Too scared of losing or making a mistake to join the party. So I ask again. Are you in the game, or better yet, will you please join?

Okay, next questions. What are your best gifts? Your unique gifts? Are you using them? Daily? Hourly? Every once in a blue moon? What are you terrible at? Are you wasting time on those instead of focusing on all the good you can do with your strengths? I was having dinner the other night with a group of friends, and the topic of manual labor came up. I think I crawled underneath the table. Quickly. Now, if you know me, I not only despise manual labor but I am no good at it. Like awful. But I am really good at helping people think freely, consider different perspectives, and be the best version of themselves. So why in the hell would I spend all day Saturday doing manual labor instead of talking to folks, thinking, or writing? Oh, because it has to be done you say? Well, funny thing. There is someone out there who is awesome at manual labor but may need a bit of my unique perspective to help them at some point in their life. They can help me. I can help them.

FF6EC63A-8D4C-4D75-894C-F1C79A564B95I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t doing enough of it. Once in a blue moon. But then I realized through a series of twists and turns that I had the opportunity to make an impact in every interaction I have each day. With a co-worker. A waitress. A complete freaking stranger. So do you. So are you? Or are you at least working on it? I am trying real hard. Through my life experiences, I have a unique outlook on life. I absolutely despise the status quo and mediocrity. I see too many people every day who are just going through the motions, and they are miserable and complaining at every turn. So I am trying to use my perspective to help bring some positive energy to family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers who might have become a little jaded, timid, or stale in their daily routines. You can bust out. I did. And it is freaking great! I’m not selling you anything. Just a changed mindset. Some swagger. A little free thinking and self-analysis. That’s what I’m good at. Remember it’s 2018, not 1995. Your parents don’t think for you anymore.

But back to you. If you came to me, I could tell you within 15 minutes what you are really good at. But I bet you already know. It could be something unusual by society’s standards. But guess what? The world can use it. The world can use your effort. Not your endless hourly complaining about who knows what. No, your actual positive, God-given gifts. It could be your job. It could be a side hustle like mine. It could be a hobby. It could be volunteering. But here is the trick. Maybe you enjoy it. Maybe you are good at it. But find a way to make it enhance the quality of other human beings’ lives. And then you are in the game, and we can start having a different conversation.

Have a great week.-Benj

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