Driving 400 Miles to See my Dog

Ooh, I have an idea. I want everyone to pick something that you love to do. Maybe your favorite sport. Your favorite team. Your favorite band. Maybe you like to run races. Maybe you love food or wine or beer. You get the point, but the important thing is to pick something you personally love.

584D2676-1A99-454A-AC26-EC8EA92E1B45But, per usual, we have to put a twist in. Take whatever it is you love, and I want you to consider incorporating it into a trip. I could have run the Charlotte Marathon, but I ran New York City instead. I can go to a Hornets game any time I want in Charlotte. But watching them in Indiana and almost again in Toronto (damn you Winter Storm Whatever!) was totally unique. Kevin Hart is less than a mile from my house in a week, but I drove to Evansville, Indiana to see him instead. Is this practical? No. But anything but khakis isn’t about practicality. It’s about adventure, and if it is time for you to have some adventure, then give it a thought.

0C4F89EA-1EA4-4397-A716-90F634D7D72CDD5B805C-1430-47A9-995A-719363F6D276I flew to Salt Lake City to run a race. I drove to Washington, DC to visit my dog. That sounds insane, right? But all of this stuff got woven into super-adventurous trips. Meals at St Elmo’s and games at Madison Square Garden and conversation with everyone and shopping on Rodeo Drive and hoopla everywhere, often with family and friends. Maybe there are even some friends you haven’t caught up with in a while that you could visit?

8CDBDFD9-9E96-4202-ADA4-E4E2D444E58BHere’s what got this brewing. A few weeks ago, I’m talking to some buddies about Carolina Panthers 2018. I can look into the stadium here in Charlotte from my backyard. I walk to games. Why would I want to fly to Cleveland or Pittsburgh or Philly next year to watch them play? Wait for it…why not? Ya’ll know I love the Browns too, so a Carolina at Cleveland trip is already seriously a-brewing. And I have to give props to my friends…they came to me with this idea not vice versa.  I love it!

94FE7E8D-D19E-4A32-BFD6-080168E4FDE6I always try to put my money where my mouth is, so I am in Florida right now. Braves-Yankees Spring Training, among other things (coming next week). Had never done it. Had always wanted to. It was time.  So listen, get your wheels turning, both figuratively and literally. What do you love? How can you weave it into some really cool, unique, or meaningful experience in the near future?  Drop me a message and let me know what you are thinking. And if you are a Panthers fan, maybe I’ll run into you in Cleveland later this year, and we can chat over a Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer!

E3B54AB1-3F5E-44EA-9412-970EEBDE630CHave a great week.-Benj

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