There’s Magic in the Air

Occasionally, I get asked what part of the week I actually write the blog.  In the past, it was as early as Monday.  As of recent, I wait until Sunday.  You know why?  Because I never know when magic in life may occur.  Case in point, today.  I was in Atlanta with my family watching the Braves play the Padres.  That alone was exciting, but I just never know what is around the corner.  The Braves pitcher, Julio Teheran, pitched 6 no-hit innings before he was pulled for an elevated pitch count.  His replacement hit 100mph on the radar, which you don’t see every day. We thought about leaving because it was hot as hell.  But I don’t like missing magic.  In the 8th, Braves catcher Tyler Flowers hit a bomb to straight center field, right in front of our seats to put the Braves up 4-1.  And then Nick Markakis ended the game with a superb diving catch in right field.

F495FACB-F774-4A5D-9388-2277BAA17047Meanwhile, my new friends in Mexico were busy upsetting Germany in the World Cup, and the Swiss surprisingly drew with the Brazilians.  Pure magic.  See, I’m pulling for Mexico.  Team USA didn’t qualify.  The folks in Mexico City treated me like gold a few weeks ago.  Boom!  I’m pulling hard for them.

Meanwhile, the US Open was finishing up.  It is my favorite golf tournament (no questions asked) because it is the most demanding and rewards the best.  Not the most popular.  Not the trendiest.  The best.  In modern society, we often reward the strangest things now.  I just like to see the best.  I like to see the golf course swallow these legends whole and spit them out.  I like to see who is left complaining and who is left standing.  We got a show this weekend. Phil Mickelson lost his mind Saturday. The USGA lost the course Saturday. And we saw a magical 63 from young Tommy Fleetwood Sunday. In the end, the best (Brooks Koepka) was left standing. Back to back champion. Magic.

My dad loves golf. Like really loves it. And I  actually did not get to see him this Father’s Day, but I had a chance to play golf with him in March where we discussed how much the world needs magicians and geniuses.  As you might imagine, we were talking Tiger, but it applies everywhere.  Think about it.  We all know people who just provide something a little different to this world.  Something this world needs.  Something to make you get out of your seat.

EEC0E35C-BAB2-45D9-B7B9-FEEA1B3C24BASpeaking of which, my son is a bit of a magician in my eyes.  He makes me get out of my seat. There’s a sparkle there. I have been pondering all year what the most important things are that I want to teach my son.  Last year, I wrote about keeping that beautiful smile on his face .  This year, I tweak that slightly.  My main focus now is to instill in him a huge sense of self-worth and self-esteem.  If you read regularly, you know I harp on the importance of self.  It all starts with self.  I want him to be armed with confidence.  I want him full of resilience and not afraid to make a mistake.  Because he will, and I want him to know oftentimes the people who move this world forward the most are those who crash, burn, and then bounce back stronger than ever.

782DE005-5F86-4946-B424-260E4387C959Long story short, there is an immense amount of great stuff going on in the world right now.  Amazing talents.  Deep passion.  Unreal skills.  You personally may not be a professional golfer or soccer or baseball player, but I guarantee you that you possess some piece of magic.  In your field of work.  A hobby.  A skill.  Something.  The world needs it.  The world craves it.  Whatever it is, use it.  Make your dad proud.  Make your son proud. But most importantly, do yourself proud.

Have a great week.-Benj

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