Problem or Blessing?

I made a “mistake” this week.  Caused me a real problem for about 5 seconds, at which point I reminded myself quickly that many “problems” aren’t really problems.  Let me explain.

CE4BBEFC-41C1-4930-8680-E06F5C5854B6As many of you know, I have found great interest in hats over the past year and a half.  I co-designed my first one about 15 months ago in California, and did a second one earlier this year in Texas.  I keep telling anyone who will listen that I want to learn how to make hats, which I am still toying with honestly.  Do I want to know how to fully make them, or do I just want to take a base model and customize it?  It’s like, do I really need to know how to grow my own food, or just know how to cook it?  Anyways, I took my first blank base model a couple of weeks ago, and decided to customize it on my own.  First thing I did was set the hat on fire in a couple of different places to “distress” it.  I had no clue what I was doing, but sometimes you just have to dive in.  Then I took a leather necklace that had been made for me from Venetian glass and an Italian coin and wrapped it around the base.  Voila.  Not another one like it in the world…just how I prefer it.

66DD26FA-026D-4CBE-ADFF-8D2199BBACD0I wore this hat to a party the day I set it on fire, and it started the conversations that I thought it might.  People asked if it caught fire on accident.  Others thought the distressing was manure or that it had been dragged through the mud.  Regardless, it got people’s attention.  It got one of my mate’s attention enough that he has commissioned me to customize one for him.  So I am working on that tonight…my first one for someone else.  Maybe the beginning of a small business?

EADA7578-285A-4299-AF0F-541743CBA5F7In the meantime earlier this week, I took one of my older straw hats, and set it on fire.  And as you can imagine but I had not fully thought through, it burnt a nice hole in the damn thing.  Right in the front.  I was pissed.  That was my “mistake”.  Then I quickly reminded myself to keep on open mind, and that oftentimes the coolest surprises come out of our “biggest problems” if we keep a positive mindset.  So I calmed myself down, and then proceeded to set it on fire 4 or 5 more times.  I’ve let it rest on my table for most of the week, sneaking glances every chance I can because I secretly know it’s the coolest, most unique one I’ve done yet.

EBCB11CE-C5E1-4CD3-A8A8-BB0B521C3B83So what gives this week?  3 things.  First, many problems aren’t real problems if you keep an open mind and a positive attitude.  Second, if you want to customize hats or grow your own food or whatever sets you on fire (sorry, had to), what’s stopping you from doing it?  And third, if you want a custom hat or a custom anything, message me.  I absolute love doing it because I love what customization represents.  Always have.  Everyone in this world is unique, and yet so many people talk, act, think, and dress the same way.  Be you. Be free.

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