One of a Kind

As I’ve befriended some new friends in the fashion industry over the past year, they always initially want to know my style so they can help me find some cool pieces.  I tell them it is pretty simple.  I want something that no one else has.  The more unique, the better.  If it is a best seller, I am not interested.

I think it goes back to the fact that everyone is indeed an individual, and that I think it is so important to showcase what makes you, you.  So it’s how I express my individuality.  It’s how I show you how I feel.  It’s how I start conversations that otherwise may never get started.  It’s how I convey my mood.  And it’s how I show my appreciation for such good, detailed work to the craftsmen and women in this industry.

I don’t do it for the attention.  I’d actually rather not have the attention.  I also don’t do it for how it makes me look.  Au contraire.  For how it makes me feel.  Yes, for how it makes me feel.

I’ve been building this wardrobe for the past 10-12 years, and it’s not about quantity.  It’s all about quality.  That’s a bit of the motto of my life.  And this week I share with you my 18 absolute favorite pieces.  Some are wildly expensive.  Some cost next to nothing.  But they all have great stories.  So welcome to my world of wearable art.

1.       The hat- from Nick Fouquet, hat maker to David Beckham and Lebron James.  Makes me feel like a renegade.  Completely custom made for me in Venice, CA.


2.       The wallet- from Gucci.  Will start a conversation the moment I pull it out of my pocket.  The hidden turquoise design makes me feel sporty.

3.       The basketball shorts- from Staples Center in LA.  On clearance.  Makes me remember a wonderful night of basketball with my sister in LA.

4.       The bathing suit- from Romero + McPaul in Mexico City.  Makes me feel a bit mischievous as onlookers wonder what exactly the design is.


5.      The tie- from Gucci.  $10 in a clearance grab basket.  Makes me giggle as to how many times people have asked, “Are those actually flamingoes?”

6.       The bracelet- from King Baby.  Obsessed with turquoise.  And skulls.  And bracelets.  Always starts a convo.  Always.  So I better be ready to chat.


7.       The watch- from Rolex.  Simple.  Not flashy.  Engraved with my son’s initials.  Makes me feel proud that one day I will give it to him when I deem he has earned it.


8.       The ring- from David Yurman.  A gift.  Only a few made.  Makes me feel like a badass.


9.       The sweater- from The Elder Statesman.  Softest cashmere ever.  Rumor has it that 2 people have this.  Me and the Carolina Panthers starting QB.  Haven’t worn it yet.


10.   The book bag- from Coach in Asheville, NC.  Goes with me everywhere.  Makes me feel prepared and ready to adventure anywhere in the world.

11.   The suit- from Ralph Lauren in Washington DC.  Olive cashmere.  I get petted often whilst wearing this.  It makes me feel comfy, yet I wonder why people keep invading my space.

12.   The belt- from Ralph Lauren.  Possibly my favorite piece.  Tan alligator.  I watched it for months go from $1600 to $169.  It makes me feel like a good, patient businessman.


13.   The blue suede shoes- from Brioni in Washington DC.  Makes me feel like Elvis, and also makes my feet hurt.


14.   The pants- from Ralph Lauren.  $20 on 90% off clearance.  Bought them at The Greenbrier, WV.  Makes me feel like Christmastime, and makes me remember a fantastic few days with my wife and friends in WV.


15.   The jacket- from Ralph Lauren.  $29 on clearance at Marshall’s.  I just add the patches.  Makes me feel patriotic and well-traveled.



16.   The Flintstone shoes- from Nike.  Where do I even start?


17.   The cuff links- from Brooks Brothers.  Hand painted Dalmatians.  Bought them at a Humane Society auction.  Reminds me of how much I love dogs.


18.   The pocket square- from Gucci.  Limited edition from Rome.  A gift.  Makes me feel rebellious because it matches nothing.


Some people wear their emotions on their sleeve.  I literally wear my relationship with the world on my sleeve.  And I absolutely savor wearing and finding what’s next to go on that sleeve.  Enjoy the hunt.  Enjoy the process.  Be unique.  Be you.  Have fun.

And as the great philosopher Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good.”

Have a great week.-Benj

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