2017-2020: From Destin to Natchez and Everywhere in Between

“I’ve never seen any transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting sick of their own bullshit.”-The Good Agency

This quote may seem harsh to start off the new year, but as someone who has undergone an almost three year self-imposed transformation, it speaks to me.

In your face? Sure. My kind of style? Absolutely. 100% true? Dead on.

Though I have an immense focus on continued growth and evolution in 2020, I feel the transformation phase is coming to a close. It was a battle. Lots of deep thoughts. Lots of tough questions. Lots of Come to Jesus meetings with myself. (Also, lots of travel. 52 wonderful, eye opening trips and a major relocation to date.)

I accomplished so much in the transformation phase. There were no traditional accolades or awards. Quite the opposite actually. I simply completely, and somewhat quietly, changed my life. (Better than a trophy, really.)

So now it is time to keep moving forward, and since this is the time of year most people throw out resolutions that some have already broken twelve days into the new year, I thought I would give you an insight into my goals and how I think.

(I woke up Saturday morning dreaming vividly about a book title and what the opening sentence of said book should be. That’s when I knew it was time.)

1. I will begin writing my book about the abk golf journey this month.

2. After months of toiling primarily solo on the golf course, I will compete as much as possible. I played my first two competitions last week, kicking off a new era of pressure with a decent 78.

3. I must INVEST in the tools needed to achieve my golf goal. I have always been a bargain shopper when it comes to golf as the equipment is so damn expensive, but multiple true golf folks have now told me it is time.

4. It is time to find a place to live. That process has started, and I am confident it will be a real coastal gem to enjoy later on this year.

5. I must get even more serious about my health. It will always be a battle with my ankylosing spondylitis, but with the amount of time I spend on my feet and the force I impose on my body daily, extra care is an absolute necessity.

6. Teach for America- I mentioned this a month or so ago, but unfortunately, I was informed last week that I did not fit the mold for the ideal candidate. While disappointed at first, I know this means something even better will open up.

7. Having said that, I am almost ready to put my business brain back on. Travel is expensive. Golf is expensive. Health insurance is expensive. What’s the next opportunity? Remember, I didn’t retire. I was just busy changing my life.

8. Last, but certainly not least, travel. I think everyone should do it as much as humanly possible. To different places. With different people. My life was changed by a myriad of different experiences and people, but nothing shaped my new and improved outlook on the world as much as traveling to new places and talking to complete strangers, many of whom are now good friends.

The number one thing I learned in 2019 was patience. Turns out, many of my personal goals are long term. They take time. I can’t skip steps. I can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. I have to focus on them daily. Act on them daily. Turn them into a habit or r-r-r-routine, no matter how much I hate that word. The goals are the bright lights, but the real “oomph” is the daily behavior.

The only reason I can now compete semi-confidently in an arena where I was formerly a complete outsider (and probably always will be) is because I grinded every day in that hot ass sun. The only reason I have so many wonderful stories and learnings to share is because I went and traveled. The only reason I have anything to write about is because I went and DID.

Alright. It’s 2020, but just more of the same from me. Doing. Action. Etc. 😴 No one else is going to do it for you, nor should they.

I’m off to Mexico this week for abk Trip # 53. Stay tuned on Instagram throughout the week, and read all about it next Sunday.

Have a great week, and get after it.-Benj

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