Two Days at a Time

“If you are creating what you really care for, your whole life is a Holiday.”-Sadhguru

You may have noticed that my writings don’t arrive like clockwork on Sunday anymore. I assure you that I haven’t gotten lazy. If anything, the complete opposite is true.

For years now, I’ve written about wanting a fluid lifestyle, where Saturday is no more important than Monday and Tuesday is no less fun than Friday. Well, I have finally gotten my wish, and as such, the writings will likely be arriving between Monday and Wednesday until further notice.

Effective roughly three weeks ago, weekends and holidays have been redefined. Shifted, if you will. So have bed times, wake up calls, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. It’s just completely fluid. My life is now tended to in little two day increments.

A few days a week, I’m up at 430am. I’m not in love with that wake up call because I have to be in bed the night before so early, but I’m on the golf course by 230pm those days, so it’s all good.

A few days a week, I’m up at 8am, and I love these days. The night before lends itself to unhurried dinners, quality family time, and who knows what. The morning of, I may leisurely read a book while taking in the water views. And until the time changes, that night’s activity is sunset golf at 6pm, my absolute favorite.

The late shift-early shift on back to back days might as well be one long-ass day (shout out naps and stretching), but the opposite early shift-late shift combo almost has a full day off in between (jet ski anyone?).

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are Grand Central Station at our golf course, so my weekends are now some combination of Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday. I may work six days one week and five days another, but it may feel like eight days one week and only three days another. My iPhone location doesn’t know if I’m at work, play, or what’s going on. Work, play, eat, drink, laugh. Rinse and repeat.

I tell folks that I am a social coordinator at a barber shop now. We watch sports. Play sports. Talk sports. Talk life. Talk nonsense. Laugh a lot.

Soccer, school, and PGA Junior League start for my big man soon. Christy is going to try her hand at high school teaching, God bless her. Baby girl is almost here. I plan to get the okay to start teaching golf this fall.

And football season, my favorite, is right around the corner. Will there be time to watch and enjoy?

I guess it’s a good thing I work at the barber shop now. In SEC country. In a casino town.

Have a great week.-Benj

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