abk Lifestyle: Dream Big, Then Go and Do

“Don’t be realistic on what you want. Be realistic on how you are going to get it.”- Rachel Wolchin

Two separate incidents over the past two weeks have made me laugh out loud. First, on my first official day as newly appointed assistant golf professional, a customer asked me, Was this your plan all along? Ha! Second, I received an email from The Arthritis Foundation in New York City asking me if Round 3 of the NYC Marathon was of any interest to me this coming November. Double Ha aka haha!

I can assure you that becoming an assistant golf professional in Mississippi was not a part of the plan. I can assure you that running two NYC Marathons was not a part of the plan (it ain’t happening again Arthritis Foundation). I can assure you that hitchhiking in remote Iceland was not a part of the plan. I can assure you that waking up where I wake up every day now was not a part of the plan. I can assure you that becoming a father again at nearly 40 (just a number) to hopefully a beautiful, healthy daughter was not a part of the plan.

Everything big picture abk-related has been unplanned, and the lack of confinement has made my world huge. It has opened my heart. It has made my world more interesting and has provided meaning, purpose, and limitless opportunity. A love story about living.

It has also led to me writing down four things (well, five things, but getting more tattoos to document the journey is not that important) that some might categorize as unrealistic.

Tournaments 2024. abk Consulting. abk Golf Academy. Real estate.

On the other end of the spectrum, the actionable, sometimes tedious abk-related details must be intentional and tended to regularly. Grinding, discomfort, commitment, and focus are major parts of life.

Tending to the Tournaments 2024 ambition daily is a bit of a puzzle, but I love a good challenge, and I enjoy playing so much. Elbow pain. Constant soreness. Fatigue. Occasional disinterest. Weather…

Tending to the long-term abk Golf Academy ambition daily seems to be on the right path, as I have been a sponge around some terrific teachers for the past two years. Fingers crossed (which means nothing), I should be given the green light to begin my foray into teaching by fall.

Tending to the abk Consulting ambition is the most complicated of the bunch, but presents the biggest opportunity. I observe so many people regularly that can’t see or are afraid of their own potential that I want to explode. I see the opportunity to help so clearly. The manner in which to help is still a little fuzzy, though I do speak up more often now.

Tending to the real estate ambition is more of a weekly or monthly thing. I enjoyed my four previous real estate endeavors in North Carolina. I have enjoyed the latest construction project in coastal Mississippi. I am constantly looking at real estate in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Wyoming, and Montana. Something that complements the abk lifestyle. What is realistic. What is unrealistic. Better yet, what is actually realistic that we somehow convince ourselves is not.

I have done a lot of unrealistic things over the past few years, and I’m excited to do a lot more. It’s crazy how when you actually do them, they go from unrealistic to simply done. Redefined.

Statistically speaking, the most unrealistic thing I have accomplished in the past few years is a tossup between making an albatross (double eagle) on the golf course and actually finishing Round 2 of the NYC Marathon with minimal training due to sickness and injury.

Of course, running Round 3 would certainly take the cake (I swear I’m not doing it 😉 ).

Have a great week.-Benj

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  1. Enjoyed this one so much, Benj, and getting to hear your thoughts of so many things. Thank you, jan


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