Another abk Year

“That’s the key to success. Doing your thing, and just doing it and doing it and not being swayed by everything else going on.”-Designer Thom Browne

The highlight of the year was obviously the birth of the little cutie, Charli Win. That deserves its own mention.

But there were lots of other highlights. A new house in coastal Mississippi. Periodic jaunts to New Orleans. A trip to Pinehurst. Playing golf 271 days. Shooting a 3 under par 69. Coaching youth soccer. Trekking to Miami. Road-tripping to Far West Texas. Getting introduced to tournament golf. Multiple visits with family and friends, both here and there. Teaching golf to a full slate of students. A fall retreat in the woods. Becoming an assistant golf professional, PGA Associate, and playing in my first golf tournament as a professional.

This was a transition year for me where the grinding outweighed the adventure for the first time in a few years. Still free, but the percentages just slightly out of whack for my liking.

“Self mastery is the only game in town.”- my friend, Junior

I keep a running list of ideas in my notes on my phone. It’s my way to continue to understand, better, and challenge myself, and ensure I am living freely. The ideas range from long term and big picture to short term and going to happen in three weeks. To illustrate how my abk brain works, here is a literal cut and paste of my current notepad and the life I am focused on creating:

Specific golf tournaments, abk Consulting & Golf Academy, sports betting, Real Estate out West, Travel, skiing, NYC Marathon, Palm Desert, Tara Iti, La Bonbonera, 1-17-NYC/Hornets, 2022 Tourneys, PGA, 3-11-NOLA/Hornets court side , health, elbow, beach running, tattoos, CLT, Paradise Pointe.

It’s meant to be both realistic and ambitious. Adventurous yet not too bananas (though sometimes it does get bananas). Fun, limit-pushing, and rewarding.

I’ve got a million things that I want to do with my life, and around seemingly every corner, there are distractions, noise, and excuses ready to derail the train. For the first four years of abk, I’ve been a genius at batting it all away, designing how I wanted to live. For the last couple of months, I’ve felt the hunger lacking. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe this. Maybe that.

Whatever it is, the first order of 2022 is to get that hunger back.

Happy New Year!-Benj

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