The abk Journey: It’s All Very Personal

“Anything that grabs your curiosity, you need to go explore.”-GaryVee

Early on in the journey, the easiest phrase to explain what I was attempting to do was trying to find myself. Maybe even re-find myself. But in retrospect, that was always really just a cliché embarrassingly finding it’s way onto the page, and it never felt completely accurate.

I finally read something this week that really resonated with me, and it was THAT exact word that was used. Someone saying, this has never really resonated with me, that over there really resonated with me, struck a chord.

It’s just semantics, but the internal voyage had to be guided by those phrases. What resonates with me. What doesn’t. What do I, personally, find interesting and worthwhile.

“To a creative person, the ability and courage to pursue those curiosities is freedom. On the contrary, the inability to do so feels like the walls are closing in.”-anything but khakis®️

Most folks that I spoke to thought I was nuts for heading to Boston last week in the dead of winter in sub-10 degree wind chills. Little did they know that crisp, frigid air (along with exploration) speaks to me, especially when I haven’t felt it in roughly a year.

The good news is, that as I began discovering the aspects of life that actually resonated with me, what most folks thought slowly became less and less important.

I began to understand that sitting in meetings, sitting in traffic, and being busy just to be busy did not interest me. Nor did celebrating certain holidays, made up days, or having a fixed calendar. Ditto to routine and tradition. They just didn’t speak to me.

On the contrary, I liked to celebrate real things that actually resonated with me. Daily sunrises and sunsets. My kids’ smiles and giggles. Flushing a 7 iron. Overcoming a challenge. Never ending learning. Forging my own path. Getting better. Playing sports. Helping others get better. Creativity. Originality. Peace and love, how I experience them. A zest for life.

Along my journey, I have found that the literal process of exploring my interests, whether doing or just being, is where the beauty lies. When broad concepts like never ending learning and getting better are the goals, the results are virtually meaningless. When I watch the sun rise over the gulf or explore frigid Boston with my son, I’m thankful I finally summoned the courage to start my journey.

Have a great week.-Benj

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