abk Journey: The Art of Figuring Things Out

“The beauty is in the attempt.”-Dave Chappelle

The one and only reason that I went to MBA school back in 2004 was because I was given the opportunity to continue a promising collegiate soccer career that had been cut short by multiple knee injuries. I had no interest in another degree or going back to school. In fact, I dreaded it. But damn it, I sure did love playing soccer at a high level.

Fast forward six years to 2010, and I was almost at the maximum time allowed by the school to finish that same master’s degree. I had taken my sweet little time completing the program, because quite honestly, I had encountered a unique problem. My classes kept falling on nights when the Lakers, Celtics, or some other big dogs were in town to play my (then) Charlotte Bobcats. Decisions, decisions.

I finally graduated with my MBA just in the nick of time, though I do wonder some times if having those three letters to my name had any major impact on anything. What I do know for sure is that, while enrolled in the MBA program, I enjoyed my most wonderful year of playing soccer ever, and I saw some epic basketball games in person, Kobe and The Big Three coming to mind immediately.

Fast forward to 2022, and I find myself in the exact same situation, except it would be prudent to add that I am also raising two beautiful children with someone I met in that same MBA program. (If there is one other difference, it would be that then I was young and scared of my own shadow, and now I’m young and on the verge of being free.)

On November 30, 2021, I officially completed all of the necessary requirements to become a PGA Associate and enter the Professional Golfers’ Association of America Professional Golf Management Program. I have until November 30, 2030 (nine years) to complete the nearly 1,000 hours of required work to become one of the esteemed 28,000 full PGA members in the United States. This 1,000 hours is on top of helping run a golf facility 5-6 days a week, teaching and coaching 8+ students weekly, and keeping MY game razor sharp, which is no easy task. Not to mention raising two kiddos, chopping it up with family and friends, exploring the world, staying healthy, and pursuing ALL of my creative curiosities.

There’s no way in hell I’m taking nine years to do this, but my initial goal of two years also seems highly unlikely. I’ll get started on one of my assignments, and then the next thing I know Banks and I are headed to Boston or Charli needs some snuggles. Decisions, decisions.

At first glance, it appears there aren’t enough hours in the day to make this happen. But I absolutely adore the process of trying to figure it out. That’s why I love style so much but never had much time for the stylists banging down my door (not talking about you, Dick 😉). I love my process of getting dressed. I love my process of getting better at golf. I love my process of figuring out how to help my students get better. And though I didn’t necessarily love the process of training for a marathon or obtaining my MBA, I’m proud of myself for the ambitious attempt and eventually figuring it out.

And where I used to not do things for fear of failure, I’ve taken myself so far outside of my comfort zone and put myself through enough internal challenges to now know that I’ll likely figure it out. That I actually love the process of trying to figure it out. And that even if I don’t, there’s so much beauty in the ambitious attempt. Two years. Four years. Who knows. Who cares. I just know that my Hornets come to New Orleans in about a month, and I won’t be doing any extra work that day.

Have a great week.-Benj

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One thought on “abk Journey: The Art of Figuring Things Out

  1. I so admire & love your courage to be you still accomplishing what you want to accomplish. Truly a Renaissance Man way ahead of his time with realistic goals.

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